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Krispy Kreme Challenge Donates Hundreds of Gallons of Vomit to Fountain Dining Hall


RALEIGH, NC– This past Saturday Krispy Kreme teamed up with the North Carolina Children’s Hospital for its 13th annual Krispy Kreme Challenge, where participants run 2.5 miles, eat 12 donuts, and then run back totaling 5 miles and 2400 calories.


Every year the proceeds are donated to the North Carolina Children’s hospital, and all the vomit is donated to Fountain Dining Hall. This year saw 7000 participants which amounted to almost 500 gallons of vomit that will go to feeding the hungry NC State students.


“It feels good to give to people in need” says Ryan Groing, volunteer coordinator for Krispy Kreme Challenge. “NC State’s dining halls are in constant need of food, and it feels good to give them something locally sourced.”


Every year, after the runners are cleared, volunteers walk up and down the race course sweeping vomit into trash cans which are later purified and then sent to Fountain Dining hall to be served in a variety of dishes such as “Pad Thai Tofu” and “Hot Dog Chili.”




“I always look forward to the week after the Krispy Kreme Race,” says NC State junior Elaine Graden “The food gets an upgrade in quality and I’m pretty sure it gets healthier too.”


This year marked the most vomit donated to NC State’s dining halls in the past 4 years. Next year they are hoping to match and exceed the volume provided this year.



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