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5 Ways NC State’s Campus Can Get You Beach Bod Ready in a Week


With spring break approaching fast, many people are anxiously trying all sorts of fad diets and cleanses to get ready to escape the balmy 70’s of Raleigh for the balmy 80’s of Jamaica and Cancun. Here are some ways you can make NC State’s campus work for you so that you can get fit and lean by March 3rd.


5.) Take the Stairs:



Instead of taking the elevator or studying on the first floor like a loser, take the stairs to the ninth floor to feel that sweet burn!


4.) Eat at Fountain:



They say every diet is 80% diet and 20% exercise, so it’s important to make sure you are eating the right foods! By eating at Fountain you are insuring that you will gain absolutely no nutrients that could try and store themselves away as pesky fat cells.


3.) Climb the Talley Lattice:



Nothing works your body like trying to climb something that should definitely not be climbed! Aim for the top and see how far you get before campus security comes to arrest you.  


2.) Have an Impromptu Rodeo With the NC State Dairy Cows:



It’s just like riding that mechanical bull at City Limits, except this one probably won’t stop when you fall. Just like climbing Talley, this one is a real full body workout. 


1.) Get REALLY Stressed Out for Midterms:



Everyone knows that a little bit of stress just makes the pounds fall off. This one is super easy, because all you have to remember is that you haven’t studied nearly enough and the person next to you in class is going to judge you really harshly for that.


Of course, just like any where, more traditional methods of weight loss do work, so if these methods above don’t work for you, go ahead and take those Mexican diet pills, eat that hookworm, do whatever you need to do to get beach body ready.



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