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NC State Crowned “Best Basketball Program in North Carolina” by Transitive Property

Last night, in a dramatic fashion, the Duke Blue Devils defeated UNC for the biggest game in North Carolina Basketball.


Last month, the Wolfpack defeated Duke by a narrow victory of two points. The team, students, and all NC State fans are still in shock that, by the transitive property, the North Carolina State University is the best basketball team in North Carolina.


“This is something that you just dream about, but something that you don’t ever think that is really going to happen,” said head coach Mark Gottfried. “I’ve never been so proud of my team and what they can accomplish, through mathematical rule and a much better team.”


Players are thankful that they had the opportunity to be crowned “Best in the State” for their school after a long season of ups and downs.


“There were a lot of times where things didn’t seem that they were going right,” said junior forward back Abdul-Malik Abu. “But I put everything I have into this team, my heart, my soul, and my blood sweat and tears. I never thought that that I would be on a team that beat the team that would be the best in North Carolina.”


The NCAA has contacted the NC State to relaying the message that there is no trophy for a transitive property title, and that the Wolfpack shouldn’t be too proud.



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