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NC State Majors Renamed to Fit What They Actually Are


With the vast number of unique majors offered at NC State University, it can be difficult for students to find the perfect academic path to take. To aid those looking for the right major, The Black Sheep has compiled a list of honest names of the majors, so nobody is left in the dark on what our “great” school has to offer.


Meteorology- Guessing When it Will Rain:
If you are a fan of looking out the window to see if it looks like rain today, then this may be the major for you. If you want to accurately predict the weather, then you live in the wrong state.


Professional Golf Management- Country Clubbing:
The “I want to be a professional athlete but hate running and want to seem educated” major


Fashion Textiles Management- Business I Guess?
If you don’t want to be a fashion designer, but you don’t NOT want to be a fashion designer, and you don’t want to be a business major but you don’t NOT want to be a business major, boy do we have something for you.


Soil and Land Development- Geology for People Bad at Math:
Think Math is hard, but like looking at rocks? Think that land easements and zoning laws are interesting? This is the major for you.


Engineering- Bragging About Job Security:
Didn’t know that engineers have a high rate of finding jobs, and that they get paid well right from the beginning? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you. Too bad for them though, the median Engineers salary is less than 10 G’s higher than the median starting salary, so the room for growth is pretty limited.


Paper Science and Engineering- Hyper Focusing Your Career Before it Starts:
People in the paper science major want no wiggle room when it comes to their future career. They have committed to the paper trade and they will stand by it until they retire with more money than the rest of us.


Elementary Education- Cat Herding:
We have nothing but respect for the people who want to teach in elementary schools. Sacrificing comfort of living for a high stress job and teaching addition to what basically equal tiny drunk people.


Horticultural Sciences- NOT Learning How to Grow Weed:
Totally 100% not about growing weed. But don’t go in the green houses.


Turfgrass Science- Literally Watching Grass Grow:
If you’re just trying to pass the time, then check this major out.



English- Debating Engineers About Your Major’s Usefulness:
If you like arguing with everyone from the socially inept to your parents about the decisions you made with your life, then here you go. Get ready for a lot of “what do you plan on doing with that?”s and “so you want to be unemployed forever?”s. Cause college isn’t for learning or anything.


As you can see, you can never judge a major by its title. Hopefully these honest major titles have opened your eyes to some new majors to help you along your academic career.

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