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NC State Super Senior Embraces Nihilism


With the Fall semester quickly coming to a close, class registration hopes and dreams lie heavily on most student’s minds. This time of the year is always the most important to seniors who need those last couple of credits to graduate and even more important to the super seniors who just want to get the fuck out. We, at The Black Sheep, managed to catch up with graduating super seniors across campus to get their takes on finally leaving college.


We managed to catch up with super senior in Engineering Jon Rispett.


“Yea, I’ve been here for about 5 years now, so I’m ready to get the hell out of here. Honestly, I’m pretty happy about my time here and a part of me knows that I’m really going to miss it, but I’m excited to get out into the world. I’m still a bit annoyed that it took me 5 years to get a 4-year degree, but it could be worse. My roommate, Kenneth, he’s been here 6 years for a Golf Management degree and it has taken a real toll on him, I’ll tell you that. You guys should try and talk to him, you’ll see what I mean.”


We were able to track Kenneth Lockman, super senior, down and chat with him about his long stay at NC State and what graduating means to him.


“It’s been 6 of the most soul-crushing years of my life. I’m finally graduating in December, all I needed was 13 credits this Fall semester and I’m free. I just can’t shake this feeling that this was all for nothing, that this is all for nothing. You just can’t get backtracked and battered with the prospect of not graduating for this long and come out with a positive attitude.”


Lockman continued, “I guess I just became too self-aware of my own consciousness, too aware of the hypocrisy of everybody needing to feel like a somebody, a version of self, when in fact everybody is nobody. There’s an innate desire for us to feel like we’ve accomplished something big every time we hit a milestone. Graduating, new job, marriage, birth of a child. It’s all the same. Just small steps to a dream of living a life of meaning. A dream about being an individual. See the thing about dreams is that sooner or later, you wake up. You get out of bed and look in the mirror. You know that here, now looking at the face of reality, that the dream, your dream, has been and will forever be nothing. But then again, my girlfriend has been trying to get me to do positive thinking exercises and who knows? Maybe when I finally do graduate I’ll see the world less like Schopenhauer and more like, I don’t know, Joe Biden.”


Well that was…something. Super seniors are all aching to just get the hell out of here. Keep your heads up, you’re almost at the finish line. And try not to end up like Kenneth.


Update: Since we last spoke to Kenneth, we have found out that he actually needed 14 credits to graduate this semester, not 13. Meaning that he now has to spend one more semester at NC State. He was last seen standing in front of the Atrium reading passages from Kierkegaard and Nietzsche aloud to passing students.




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