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NCAA Opens Investigation Into Grayson Allen’s Family March Madness Pool


Duke fans and players have a little more to worry about than normal leading up to this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Rather than gearing up for their heavyweight matchup versus Troy, Duke is looking closely at how the NCAA will react to some alleged wrongdoings in Grayson Allen’s house.


According to unbiased source, University of North Carolina’s Coach Roy Williams, Grayson Allen is participating in a family-wide March Madness bracket contest with a buy-in of 5 dollars. The allegations may seem minor, but the NCAA doesn’t tread lightly when it comes to illegal gambling. With Duke star Grayson Allen, it’s hard to see any good outcome.

NCAA CEO Mark Emmert had this to say on the matter:


“We are trying to deal with these horrible wrongdoings in a quick and timely fashion but an investigation like this will take time. Grayson Allen is potentially in a situation where he could win, like, 30 dollars in his family’s pool assuming his little sisster participates, and we have strict set of rules to enforce. NCAA athletes cannot get paid in any way so that we can preserve what it means to be a student-athlete. This situation is not minor, and hopefully we can resolve this quickly. Until then, Grayson Allen will not be able to participate in any of his team’s activities.”


The ramifications from this incident will drastically affect the results of the tournament and people want answers. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the NCAA will give any at this time.


Grayson Allen took a break from his independent practice to talk about the issues.


“This is ridiculous. I was just working out on my legs so that I can tri — I mean run faster– and now this happens. I will admit that there is a family bracket but there is no way I can afford to get into it. The NCAA ensures I am broke all the time, so how would I even enter? I hope fans everywhere can look over this incident and look at all the good I have done throughout my collegiate career.”


This is another thorn in the side of the NCAA who are working so tirelessly to continue the great traditions they have established. If Grayson Allen were to participate with the alledged 5 family members in this bracket contest, it would be another dark cloud looming over student athletes across the country.



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