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UNC Students Coming to Terms With Never Getting Classes They Need

The first week of classes are now over and Carolina students have begun the process of adding, dropping, swapping, wait listing, sitting in on courses and blowing up professors’ emails.


“I’m a senior, I shouldn’t have as much trouble getting into a class as a freshmen,” said John Watters, a senior, as he tells the person next to him, “I have three more courses, two of which I don’t need and put me to sleep faster than NyQuil; maybe I’ll just skip them and go to the LFIT that I should’ve taken as a freshman.”


Course registration can be a very trying time for everyone from freshmen to seniors. Students end up in classes they don’t want or don’t need, spending hours on ConnectCarolina and emailing professors.



“Professor Smith is so rude, he still hasn’t responded to my email,” states Stuart Adams, a sophomore as he angrily shuts his laptop. “If I don’t get into this course I’m giving Professor Smith a terrible rating on and changing my major for the third time. Maybe I’ll send him another email.”


“Dude relax, you’re just a sophomore,” Scott Walker, a senior, exclaimed as they continued to eat their lunch, stating “I’m graduating in May and still need five more courses for my major, but hey I’m going to the Southpoint after this, you want to join?”


Some Tar Heels are lucky, as their majors don’t require that their courses be taken in a certain order or their major is not as popular of a major as exercise and sports science. English majors don’t have to worry about their dreaded Shakespeare course filling up, because who wants to study Shakespeare for an entire semester anyway? But don’t worry; if you’re a chemistry major, someone is bound to drop that organic chemistry course that you need.


“I got into all of the courses that I wanted,” Susie Watson, an undeclared freshman exclaimed as everyone gave her the death stare and made her wonder, “why is everyone looking at me like that?”

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