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Mexico’s Latest Immigration Ban Removes Pike From Banned Frat List

Following public outcry over the banning of seven frats from entering Cancun for spring break, Mexico has issued a revised travel ban, allowing members of Pike fraternity to vacation in the college spring break hotspot.

“It seemed like the humane thing to do,” President Enrique Nieto said during a press briefing Monday, March 13th. “Everyone knows Pike goes hardest, and with some of their rush classes across the nation, they would be put in serious danger of looking crazy pussy if we didn’t let them rage face.”


Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Beta Theta Pi, Sigma Nu, Lambda Chi Alpha, and Sigma Chi remain on the banned list.

“Brah,” Lance Devorak, President of Sigma Nu at University of Michigan noted. “Brah.”

Many fraternity members use spring break as an opportunity to flee restrictive liquor laws found in college towns across the United States. Whereas the drinking age across the United States is a punitive 21 years old, in Mexico, the legal drinking age is 18.

Members of Mexico’s PAN party oppose Nieto’s travel ban, citing the inhumane nature of the mandate.

“You’ve seen the news,” Ricardo Cortes, PAN party leader noted, “fraternity members are being attacked from all sides by lousy geeds looking to end the Greek system as we know it. If these brothers wish to seek refuge in Cancun, are we not obligated to let them rail coke off of a hooker’s tits?”


Drunk people say the darndest things:


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