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5 of the Best Ways to Spend Spring Break in Flagstaff


Spring Break is fast approaching and people are traveling all over to spend their week-long vacation away from the stresses of school. Not everyone will be making trips due to insufficient funds or having too much work to even catch a break (thanks, Professor).  For those of you who will be stuck in this gluten-free town for a week with no classes or friends to keep you busy, don’t worry; we put together some of the best activities for your only vacation until the summer.

5.) Make a Dirt Snowman:

While it seems that the last of the heavy snow may be gone from campus, there is still some winter fun to be had. Just take the rest of the snow from those snow piles all around campus and make some snowmen. You may have difficulties getting enough snow to make a full figure, so just round up some dirt, maybe some leaves too. You may think it’s not fun and a waste of time, but hey, you’re the one reading an article looking for things to do in Flagstaff. There isn’t a ton.

4.) Drink:

A classic past-time for any time of year. You can never go wrong with drinking. It’s like a spring break at Daytona, but without the annoying crowds, music, and beach. It’s perfect! If you don’t have any other responsibilities for spring break and want to just stay in, now might be a good time to try that week-long binge you’ve always wanted to try. There’s a lower chance of you getting caught drinking on campus, and it could be a great time spending a few days in the hospital as well.

3.) Beg for Food:

Unfortunately for people living on campus, most campus dining is completely closed for spring break. You may have to depend on getting food elsewhere for the week. It might be best for you to just head to the downtown area and start panhandling to get some food. Make a day of it, go put on a show and have a great time. It’s your vacation.

2.) Explore the Campus Construction Sites:

Who needs the Grand Canyon? The NAU campus has plenty of construction spots for the adventurous thrill-seeker. Grab your climbing gear and go for a day to scale the Skyview construction. Explore the construction area blocking up University Dr. and Knoles Road. Plus, you’ll get to see if they’re even doing any work. Unless that work is just making it harder for the buses to get to their stops on time.

1.) Just Get a Job:

Just find somewhere to work and make some good use of the week you have off from doing anything else. If you’re not going out of town at all for this break, then work and save up so you can hope for the best for next year’s spring break.

You choose to hang out here most of the year, so spring break should be no different, right? Right? Drinking here is way better than drinking on a beach somewhere. 


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