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5 Reasons The Lumberyard is Actually the ~Coolest~ Bar in Downtown Flagstaff


There is a lot of competition between which bar reigns supreme in downtown Flagstaff. The hipsters prefer a more aesthetically driven atmosphere like Green Room or Rendezvous. While the trash and trap queens flock to Collins and  Monsoon. But it’s hard to argue that the best nights start a little place called The Lumberyard. 

5.) Not Getting Groped!:

A common occurrence in more traditional bars frequented by the twenty somethings of today, but fear not, The Lumberyard seems to be a place with more manners. Expect people to actually ask you to dance rather than sneaking up behind you. Be more relaxed and know that at least in the Lumberyard you can actually enjoy dancing with your friends or a partner without feeling uncomfortable. If you’re in to grinding, Monsoon is just across the tracks.

4.) Huge Drinks:

The Lumberyard is known for exceptionally large drinks in mason jars that are quite popular with regulars. They’re officially called “Yard Jars” and yes, you do get a discount on Fridays for “Country Weekends.” Nothing quite says “Flagstaff” like getting drunk from a mason jar. Chug one or two of these mother drinks and you’ll be happy as a clam in no time…or puking depending, on your tolerance.

3.) Dancing:

Even if country music isn’t your thing, two-stepping can be enjoyable for everyone. Dancing with an actual partner can be a nice change from being packed like sardines in a can. Then there’s line dancing. Feel free to join and struggle to follow along. to get lessons. At least you’ll just be a little less clumsy than the average drunk person there. In the end, no matter how dumb you think you look, just remember– you’ll be too drunk to remember thanks to that Yard Jar. 

2.) ~Aesthetic~: 

No matter your age or preference in bars, aesthetic is always an important factor to look for, especially when somewhere new. If you don’t wish to be by the bar, hang out outside (they do have heat lamps for cold weather) and talk to your friends, or a hot new stranger you’ve been eyeing all night. It’s also an ideal place to rest up, God knows you don’t want to sweat that much when you’re dancing with a partner.

1.) The Entertainment:

For the few of you who are dragged to The Lumberyard against your will, don’t sulk.  Watching the dancing as the night goes on is quite entertaining. Many would probably agree that watching drunk couples stumbling through a two-step or that one guy who just can’t follow the line dance quite right is just as entertaining as dancing.

The Lumberyard is one of the few places in downtown Flagstaff where just about everyone can find something they like about it and that’s what makes it so popular.


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