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5 Things to Get Your Grubby Little Hands on Before Leaving NAU


The only upside to the semester ending is all the “free” stuff that gets left behind. So, before you walk across that stage and give Rita the finger or burst out into tears as you realize you have to be back in three months, remember these five things you’re going to want to get your hands on before dipping out.

5.) Low-Quality Feminine Products:

The HLC is the holy grail for tampons. There are always boxes sitting on the counter just asking to be swiped, so next time you stop by the HLC, grab a box or twelve. Stock up, because when you enter the real world the price of tampons may send you into toxic-shock.

4.) Something to Wipe Your Ass With:

While you’re on a toiletries roll, why not snag some toilet paper? Available in almost in every bathroom, it’s easily accessible but not quite the softest. But comfort aside, who couldn’t use an extra little extra cushion for their butt? After a year of constantly dealing with your roommate’s shit, you deserve it.

3.) Your Roommate’s Valuables:

Speaking of your roommates, this is your chance to finally get back at them. From the start of the school year you realized their stuff was clearly better than yours. For the entire semester, they’ve been bragging about their fancy laptop, printer, and name brand condoms. Just make sure you never have to see them again before you snag all of their Trojans.   

2.) Target Shopping Carts:

If you’ve gone to NAU for more than a year, you know Target shopping carts are the unofficial mascot of this campus. Honestly, they’re more respected around here than Rita’s authority. So, why not grab one to mess around with? If you’re graduating you’ll definitely need on to help carry all of your personal belongings, be your life support, and your best friend until you get a job.

1.) Good Old-Fashioned Lumber:

Since we are Lumberjacks why not stock up on some wood before the semester ends?  There’s plenty of it lying around campus thanks to all the construction. So, grab some wood and build yourself a birdhouse, or an actual house if your landlord decided to raise your rent. If you’re not really into the whole DIY scene, then resell that shit. You’ll probably be able to turn a nice profit since wood is so rare in Flagstaff.

Time’s running out, so seize the opportunity to grab some toiletries and other treasures you find along your way. Free stuff only comes around once in a while so take advantage while you can, especially if it’s at NAU’s expense.

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