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7 Things You Won’t Miss About NAU Over Break

All Lumberjacks enjoys having a break from the stress of classes to go home and spend some (maybe) relaxing time with family. Even better, for all NAU students, is being able to get out of Flagstaff and all of its various, awful features. Here are just seven of those nightmares ranging from mildly unpleasant to fiendish nightmares.


7.) The frozen roads:

With the snowy weather finally arriving only a handful of days ago, the first snowfall also brought some very dangerous driving conditions. A lot of roads were heavily covered in snow and ice, making it pretty difficult to drive at all. Traffic was backed up for miles around town with cars driven by NAU students who didn’t think they would need snow tires when driving on solid ice. This kind of hazard is sure to get you rushing out of town at 5 miles per hour. You know, safety first.


6.) Brand-new NAU campus construction:

The cold winter snow also brought some apparent damage to a parking lot over off of Knoles .  As if the construction blocking off many other large sections of campus wasn’t bad enough, this is yet another little project that NAU students can look forward to never seeing completed. Happy Holidays, everyone.


5.) Everything flannel and plaid patterned:

Plaid flannel is a pretty standard piece of clothing for Flagstaff residents year-round, but the snowy weather makes that a bit different. Colder weather means needing more layers, which means more flannel clothing! Getting out of Flagstaff though is easily the most reliable way to escape the assault on your eyes of mismatched, colorful plaid clothing covering every inch of everyone in the city.


4.) The weather is even more indecisive:

Adding snow to Flagstaff means adding chaos to Flagstaff. It was bad enough with the temperature going from 50 degrees to 75 to, at night, 30 again. Now there’s snow and rain to regularly worry about as well. Just get out of town if this list hasn’t convinced you to do so already.


3.) Less daylight:

Speaking of weather changing, there’s even less daylight to keep temperatures up. Plus, now the day seems to go by faster and your procrastination gets even worse. At least you’ll be on vacation and not have (as many) things to worry about.


2.) Very little oxygen:

This a year-round thing, but let’s complain about it anyway. If you’re planning to spend break in a sea-level town, be prepared to take some of the least labored breaths you’ve taken for months. If you’re leaving to escape this, be prepared for the horror of getting acclimated again once you’re back. Especially once you’re four pounds heavier thanks to grandma’s Christmas cookies.


1.) Rita Cheng and the no-snow-days law:

Amidst all of the crazy conditions of the weather changes and the final arrival of snowfall, it seems Rita Cheng remains steady in her refusal to have any snow days. The couple inches of snow and ice covered roads across the city aren’t enough to break her down.



You went drinking, now you’re stuck pooping. How’s that going for ya?

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