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8 Spring Break Anthems for NAU Students

As the much anticipated spring break is rapidly approaching, many students will go far and wide to spend their week how they’d like to. Now while many of us have our road trip staples, like “Party in the USA,” and “California Gurls,” there are a few lesser known heroes that could use a little recognition. So, here are eight songs that every Lumberjack should have on their radar.

8.) “Miss You” by Gabrielle Alpin:

A new hit in the indie/pop community, but one that rings true for any of you heading home this coming month. While it’s nice to return to your old stomping grounds, one thing is for sure, you will be reminded of old romances while there. Whether it be just their old sweater, or running into them in person, NAU students are some sappy pieces of shit. So, while you contemplate rekindling your old flame, remember this catchy tune, and consider the consequences.

7.) “Drugs” by Eden:

Flagstaff is known to have an, albeit smallish and pretty weird, rave community, but we have one none the less. In light of the new movement of ‘glovers’ making themselves known around campus, here is a song for the EDM crowd. It’s a little different, but The Black Sheep is sure you’ll find it at least mildly entertaining. Also, if you’re planning to head to Phoenix anytime soon, you know there are PLENTY of wild parties to play this one at.

6.) “Shake Ya Ass” by Blackbear:

To continue with the party scene, this one is great to get people on the dance floor. No Grove party would be complete without a song to twerk to, and this one is right up there. For any guys who are looking for some action with that beach beauty while in Cali, or any ladies who just wanna get very drunk and very irresponsible, this is the song for you.

5.) “There is a Mountain” by Donovan:

In light of our lovely folk/hippie community that Flagstaff is so well known for, this ditty speaks perfectly to that. While also making for a fantastic car tune, you’ll be sure to be reminded of the oxygen deprived mountains you long so dearly to get away from! No matter where you go, you will always have cheaply made folk music to guide you home.

4.) “Baby It’s Cold Outside” covered by Idina Menzel & Michael Bublé:

This is the song true gold mine for every frat boy trying to get a girl to spend the night. Mixing clear hints of sexual assault with a sweet, sentimental ballad, and you have a one way ticket to getting laid. It also encompasses the gentle show tune-y vibe that so many of our theater dorks can appreciate. Not to mention, it really is cold outside, so how’s a girl to argue with you?

3.) “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)” by YG ft. Nipsey Hussle:

Ah yes, if you thought you’d get out of here without at least some political innuendo, you were sorely mistaken. It’s no secret that NAU is very liberal, and that many of the students are still onboard the Bernie train (chooo chooo). So, what better pregame song than “FDT?” Maybe while on break, we’ll get reports of protests and riots involving some of our very own Lumberjacks. Fight the power kids.

2.) “Because I Got High” by Afroman:

It should come as no surprise that a song about stoners took second place on this list. We cannot even count the amount of times someone’s skipped class because they got too stoned and forgot it was a weekday. The Black Sheep is counting on nothing changing while school’s out. Just try to not spend your entire week in a weed induced coma. Or get eaten by a shark because you thought it wanted to take a hit.

1.) “Hip to Be a Hipster” by JaackMaate:

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but the stereotype rings true, Lumberjacks are known to be some man bun-wearing, bicycle riding, underground music playing hipsters. As obnoxious as it is, there are worse stereotypes out there. So, why not be proud of your roots and blast this while going down highway? Honestly, we say there should be a petition to change this to our new school anthem.

Now if you couldn’t find appreciation in at least one of these masterpieces, then you clearly aren’t a true Lumberjack. So, maybe consider staying in Flag for break so you can mull over your life choices. You know what they say, you can take the Flagstaff outta of the hipster, but you can’t take the hipster out of Flagstaff. Otherwise there would be no one left.

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