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A Lumberjack Recipe Book: The True Flavors of NAU


Most NAU students are hungry, broke, and sad—especially after final exams. However, it’s about time to turn that frown upside down, and begin thinking about Christmas and its many miracles—like delicious food. So, make sure to steal all of the university’s money to create some Christmas recipes to help you get through those post-exams blues. Here are some Lumberjack-themed recipes we know you’ll love.

5.) Snow Cones:
Oh, come on. We wouldn’t be this cliché. We aren’t talking about just your average snow cones—these are most certainly advanced snow cones. Not only will they be made out of the snow found right outside your dorm on the ground, but the flavoring on top will be the freshly squeezed blood of your enemies— you know, like that professor who gave you a D- on your final exam.  What a wonderful way to get into the Christmas spirit. The blood of your enemies is red, after all.

4.) Chocolate Bark:
We all love chocolate bark recipes during the holidays, and if you don’t, please have a doctor check you out immediately because not liking chocolate is detrimental to your health. However, we don’t do chocolate bark the typical way your family might prepare it here at NAU—we like literal tree bark in our chocolate desserts. After all, we all do chop wood for a living. Don’t we? That’s what everyone’s family put them in college for, right?

3.) Hot “Cocoa”:
We NAU students are quite innovative with the *natural materials* we have around school. If we weren’t, this wouldn’t be a green campus, now would it Rita Cheng? Soil, for one, is one of our favorite ingredients to add in various recipes. It not only adds key vitamins and nutrients to your dessert, but it also adds a lovely ~earthy~ grit to everything. To make our famous hot cocoa, just grab some dirt and throw it in a cup. Add some boiling water, and you’ve pretty much got the gist. Drink up and feel the hot dirt melt down your throat.

2.) Candy Pine Canes:
Candy canes are an absolutely delicious treat, and a holiday favorite sure to make your taste buds sing. To make it even more festive, we nerds at The Black Sheep have added a special ingredient—pine needles! You can find these anywhere on NAU’s campus and adding this flavoring to your treat is just genius. You can really taste the school spirit.

1.) Smashed Pumpkin Pie:
Yep, that’s right. This kind of pumpkin pie is smashed because it requires an axe to chop it up correctly. And you know what all of us Lumberjacks here have in common? We love to angrily chop various items with an axe. In fact all of the ingredients are cut with an axe– including the cinnamon and eggs. Surely, all of the students at NAU own an axe, otherwise they would truly be letting Louie down—and no one wants to do that.

We hope you appreciate and enjoy these recipes. For more detail on the types of ingredients you can add to your holiday treats to give that that extra NAU-feel, please call Rita Cheng: (928)-355-ISUCK.

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