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A Comprehensive Review of a Flagstaff Rave: Jaykode


On Thursday night, Flagstaff’s very own Orpheum hosted Jaykode. A five hour long rave, that consisted of good music, wild people, and some shenanigans. Because nothing says “rave” quite like Flagstaff on a Thursday.

It began like any other social event, sparse amounts of people, and a try hard DJ really wanting everyone to get into it. But as the room filled with the usual suspects: stoners, binge drinkers and fake toting nineteen year olds the night started getting pretty lit.

Of course there were typical drunk kids everywhere, many trying to convince girls to grind on them, others, looking to sneak into the bar, or get a sip from their friend’s beer. Freaky couples decided that this very public venue was the ideal place to get in some foreplay. The pairs took to either the audience seats, or even the dance floor, to fondle one another.

A number of people were kicked out for appearing to be heavily intoxicated. One girl, whom we were able to speak to outside afterwards, claimed she was tripped and fell into some chairs, and was then asked to leave as she wasn’t in control of herself. Unable to walk on her own from excessive twerking, her friend helped escort her to the Uber. A true champion.

Some patrons were notably high. Made apparent as they stood perfectly still, looking dazed, and occasionally coming out of their trance to bob their heads to the music. While this isn’t surprising for any given week night in Flagstaff we choose to believe they saved some good stuff for the rave.

While most everyone was dressed appropriately, some came in “rave gear,” with tiny tutus, crop tops, and leg warmers. In the age old tradition of hoes don’t get cold some people took it to the extreme sporting just a underwear and stilettos, despite the frigid temperatures. Many gentleman had removed their shirts early on, and were stripped down to just their shorts and sneakers.

A highlight—prepare for pun—of the night was the amount of Glovers giving light shows. Many of those in attendance seemed to really enjoy the mesmerizing lights and kept the local heroes quite busy. The music was fully worth the obnoxious crowd of incoherent college students. With a new DJ every hour you rarely heard the same bass drop twice.

As happens at any good shindig, the cops eventually showed up to take care of some ‘undesirables,’. That being anyone drinking underage or having sex on the tables. Bathrooms and drinking fountains where jam packed all night. No one wanted to pay $4 for a water bottle, obviously.

All and all, while the night wasn’t perfect, it also wasn’t terrible—as is the Flagstaff way. We didn’t get puked on and admission was only $11. With all pros and cons weighed we at The Black Sheep are giving Jaykode an 8/10, would rave again.


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