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5 of the Best Spots in Flagstaff to Stuff Your Drunk Face for $5


Everyone likes to party on campus here in Flagstaff. Sometimes you just get real hungry after five shots of vodka (for some reason). But what if you’re not exactly the wealthiest person? Or you already spent most of your cash on booze? Don’t worry; The Black Sheep has put together a guide to some of the best places to grab a cheap bite to eat for around $5 or less, for your economic convenience.

5.) Chili Cheese Fries from Route 66 Dog Haus:

An all-American classic drunk food, for only a couple of bucks you can get a good amount of chili soaked french fries, because what else would you put into your body along with large amounts of alcohol? You’ve made some pretty questionable decisions to this point already, at least you can get these for only $2.35.

4.) Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings from Alpine Pizza:

It’s hard to go wrong with wings, even when you’re getting them from a pizza place. For $5.25, you can get ten chicken wings that are guaranteed to destroy your digestive tract, but damn will they be good in the moment. At least you won’t have economic guilt either while you’re stuck on the toilet for the rest of the weekend.

3.) Half of an Avocado Meadows Sandwich from Crystal Creek Sandwich Co.:

For those of you who are more vegetarian inclined, you can’t go wrong with this selection for only $4.99. Of course, who the hell is going to want an avocado, cheese, and tomatoes sandwich when they’re seven drinks in? Though, this is Flagstaff so people may want something more natural like this. Whatever floats your boat.

2.) Mac and Cheese from Bigfoot BBQ:

If you’re a Bigfoot BBQ fan, but don’t have much money, you’re going to have to go with mac and cheese, as everything else is quite a bit more money (except for the other sides). The mac and cheese will definitely be appetizing, even if it’s just consolation from getting an actual full meal from Bigfoot. Try and save up for next time.

1.) WTF Fries from the WTF Food Truck:

You can never go wrong with this garlic parmesan treat, for only $2.09. These are the pinnacle of drunk food, and the absolute must for anyone having a long night of drinking, especially if you’re stuck on campus with no way to get anywhere else for food. The only challenge is making sure you can find the truck and don’t mind waiting outside in the spring snow. Good luck with that.

Are you drunk? Good. Got $5? Good. You’ll be fine, just roam the streets of Flagstaff and your belly will be full. 


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