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5 Ways to Properly Celebrate 4/20 in Flagstaff


As a town dominated by college students, Flagstaff is THE place in northern Arizona to get high. Our population consists of lumberjacks and hippies, the perfect place to celebrate unless you’re a narc or a moron. So for those incoming freshmen and the few students who just don’t get it yet, here are some weed-y activities to celebrate this celebration of stoners. 

5.) Skip Class:

If we’re being honest, most professors on campus see this coming from a mile away. Certain ones are probably smoking a bowl between lectures. Why learn Spanish vocabulary when you can learn to blow smoke rings? Ditch the stress of finals and pass the bong with trusted friends or strangers who just bought some fresh kush from their dealer. 

4.) Go on a Hike:

This activity is particularly popular among students. You’re away from most of the population making it waaaaay too easy to smoke. Enjoy smoking among the bugs and snakes in the bushes. The calming views and feeling of being outside is also helpful for first time smokers. Smoke a bowl and be one with nature; an actual tree hugger. Shit, you might make a few friends, like that squirrel that keeps making intense eye contact with you. 

3.) Chill out Outside:

For those of you with no ride, being outside is still a great way to enjoy the high. The weather in Flagstaff is finally bearable, so hang up a hammock, attempt a DIY hot box maybe, put on some Bob Marley and enjoy. Being outside just makes it that much better and dissipates the smell.

2.) Kickback:

When you’re too paranoid to be outside, being surrounded by friends is the best place you can be. Whether in your apartment or at Dennys to satisfy the munchies, being with friends is always better than being alone. So smoke a bowl or five, pig out and watch a dumb movie. It’s even better when everyone brings their own pipe or bong.  Remember that the most important part of 4/20 in Flagstaff is doing nothing.
1.) Experiment:

If you’re still relatively new to the smoking game, then expand your horizons. Try a bong if you haven’t before, or try to roll a doobie for the first time. Track down the head to the Louie mascot suit and hot box that shit. Gather some friends and make some of your own pot brownies, eat half, then try not to freak out about how strong they actually are. 

Find yourself a bud and some bud, and commune with this most sanctimonious of holidays. Light up, Lumberjacks!

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