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The East Side’s Plight: A White Suburban Mother’s Journey


A local white Flagstaff mother recently came out about her new understanding of social issues in America after her experience on the east side.

Carol McGee, local suburban home-maker and mother of three, had a life changing experience on Flagstaff’s humble streets. McGee claims that during her walk to famed Flagstaff pizzeria, Fratelli’s, she decided to take a shortcut through Sunnyside to help get her steps in for the day. Carol claims that as she was walking, she realized that she was in the midst of a cathartic experience, an experience that connected her with the minorities of the U.S. of A.  Specifically those in poorer neighborhoods, like Compton.

In McGee’s words the chilling experience was “like that one movie, you know the rap one.” McGee stated that the similarities between Sunnyside and Compton are uncanny based on what she has seen in the movies. McGee was self-described as “color blind” before this experience, and now has an even better understanding of the plight that minority citizens face.

As she walked through the housing area that is only slightly less nice than the rest of Flagstaff and only primarily white, Carol realized she has it pretty good. Her journey through Sunnyside was an experience she describes as being “life changing.”

“I am much more aware as an ally of not only minorities, but the gay community as well,” she stated, while fastening a rainbow flag to the façade of her two story house.

With all of the political tension after the election results, this white suburban mom wanted to make her support for those suffering crystal clear. Her journey through a low-income neighborhood like Sunnyside has left her with invaluable knowledge of the seedy underbelly of Flagstaff. She hopes that the friends from her book club will accompany her on a trip there in the near future. McGee’s hope is that they will soon understand the low-income quandary and become allies along with her.  

Whoever you are in Flagstaff, McGee wants you to know that everything will be okay. “We made it through Reagan!” she says, while sporting a #LoveTrumpsHate T-shirt under a sensible cardigan. “You can’t beat hate with hate.”

If you woke up this morning surrounded by ravaged boxes of Lunchables, then this one is for you:


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