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Top 5 Gifts for the NAU Student In Your Life


Christmas is fast approaching, and that means that Christmas shopping needs to get done fast! For those of you who still need to get a gift for those NAU students in your life, don’t you worry. The Black Sheep put together a list of the best choices for those Lumberjacks you hold so dear.

5.) Flannels:

The winter season is always a bit rough, especially when you live somewhere with quite a bit of snowfall. Luckily, all it takes for a loyal Lumberjack to brave the wintry days and weather is a trusty flannel shirt. Why do you think all NAU students only seem to wear plaid flannel shirts? When Rita Cheng refuses to give snow days, you just throw on one of these and brave the outdoors. This would be a good gift, even if your student already owns ten of them.

4.) An NAU Parking Pass:

With the ever increasing exclusivity of parking spaces on campus, you need a parking pass just to find a spot in general, much less a good spot. Getting a parking pass for the NAU student you know would be a huge help to them, but do be prepared to spend $500 on a Christmas present.

3.) Actual Food:

Just give them some food. Home cooked, from a restaurant, or fast food place. Whatever you give them, it will most certainly be better than the Düb or Union- assuming it isn’t leftover dog food. Just make sure they can have some food that won’t give them stomach issues for a few days.

2.) Snow Chains:

Please, if the student is from somewhere without regular snow, get them some snow chains for their car for God’s sake. The roads are freezing and when that happens traffic slows to about 5 mph. Make it easier on everyone and just get them snow tires or snow chains so people aren’t twenty minutes late to get anywhere with the slower ice road traffic.

1.) Snow Shovel:

Your student needs a way to escape their dorms or homes on those days Rita’s rules won’t let you take it easy. What better way than with a shovel to dig your way across campus to class? Rita might be able to stop your day off, but don’t let the snow stop your education!

If none of these are for you, then maybe just give the student in your life some money. Then they can just buy whatever they want, because isn’t that what everyone wants anyway?

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