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5 Things To Do At NYU Before You Leave For the Summer

With everyone getting internships (or taking summer classes, or somehow getting full-time jobs), there are plenty of people staying in NYC for the summer. But if you are leaving or if you won’t be in the area for a couple months, here are the top 5 things to do before you leave for the summer!

5.) “Swim” In the Fountain:

It’s absolutely disgusting, and you’ll need a nice long shower afterwards, but it’s a rite of passage for NYU-ers. And if you haven’t done it yet, then you better jump in! Pro tip: either don’t wear shoes or wear shoes that you don’t mind accidentally ruining. You might never get the slime out.

4.) Go to Palladium Brunch:

Yeah, yeah, so cliché. But there’s a chocolate fountain, so we can’t really see why you wouldn’t wanna go to this. Or why you haven’t been already.

3.) Visit Tandon:

You’ve likely forgotten this is even part of NYU, but might as well head on over and make some Brooklyn friends, right? Chances are you’ll be commuting from Brooklyn next year, anyway, so you better get a head start!

2.) Feed the birds:

The pigeon man is sitting in the park every single day, and he has plenty of birdseed. Honestly, this is just a rite of passage. Bonus points if you sing the song.

1.) Walk under the arch:

We don’t care what anyone else says; the bad luck rumor isn’t a thing. It’s just NYU trying to pretend that we actually have a campus. So why not choose your own fate? Walk under the arch . . . worst thing that can happen is you don’t graduate. Best thing is you get to cut your walking time a whole thirty seconds by not walking around.


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