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4 of the Best Weird Kids From Pop Culture Who Attend NYU

NYU has a reputation of being a refuge of sorts for the misfits of the world. As such, many of the strangest characters from movies and TV gravitate to our ever so unique community. We’ve compiled just a few fan favorite fictional NYU attendees! Here are 4 of the ideal “weird kids” of NYU!

4.) Jonathan Byers – Stranger Things:

In our favorite Netflix sci-fi series, Jonathan is troubled teen who feels like he doesn’t belong in his hometown until an alien from a parallel universe kidnaps his brother. He has a bit of a creepy photography habit, which would make him perfect for NYU. He wants to leave his small town behind and live his True Life in New York City.

3.) Alice – Perks of Being a Wallflower:

Alice is fun and bubbly with a mystery. She likes vampires and wants to go to film school. Not much is said about Alice, but we know that she steals jeans from the mall, though she has rich parents. She plans on studying film at NYU. Needless to say, she sounds perfect for Tisch. We see fedoras and cigarette addiction in her future.

2.) Paris Miller – My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2:

Riddled with teen angst, Paris Miller longs to get away from her smothering Greek family. Like the other misfits, she feels like she doesn’t fit in and that her hometown just isn’t for her. Sounds like a Violet to us. And her dress code is perfect: just look at those dark colors and choker!

1.) Shoshanna Shapiro:

At the start of the series, Girls, Shoshanna is in her junior year at NYU, majoring in business at Stern. Seeing herself as a free spirit, many NYU students see a little bit of themselves in this protagonist’s life. She’s just so quirky that she belongs at NYU


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