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HOBOr: The New App to Avoid NY Homeless on NYE



For anyone who’s ever found themselves in an uncomfortable position with a questionably homeless New Yorker on NYE, “HOBOr” is here for you. It helps you identify and avoid any pesky homeless who have the gall to ruin your day with their misfortune. You’ve got an iPhone and friends, you’ve got places to be! Your life of privilege and fortune shouldn’t be weighed down just because some jabronie without a job wants to follow you home on the L train. Up to this point people had to rest on their laurels for such an occasion, but no more!

From the makers of “Gentrify It!” and “rAce B8” brings you HOBOr: the App that helps you avoid the homeless. Finally, you’ll be able to live your life without even knowing poverty exists!


What’s New in Version 1.0.4:

Just in time for New Years, here’s HOBOr’s Holiday Update! for those traversing their city during holiday parties . “Amidst all the chaos of the celebrations, how is the average partygoer supposed to know who’s safe to talk to? With HOBOr, all of that alcohol-laden shame is a thing of the past.”





“Perfect for the holidays”

by candycanez2themoon

I was a bit worried for the festivities next week. I was really worried I was going to be accosted by some particularly aggressive transients and made to feel uncomfortable when all I wanted to do was party. But now, whenever I get near to a particularly discomforting situation with a vagrant, my phone just gives me a notification and I take a different route. It’s really great.

4.5 stars

“Great Fit for my lifestyle”

by koalalover423

It’s helped my daily life so much and it’s all thanks to them. Honestly, it’s just nice to know that there’s someone looking out for me.

5 stars

“This is awful”

by PlorousLeachman

Christ, just give them some money you degenerates. They’re people too.

3 stars               


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