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Local Clock to Play Lead Role in Upcoming Tisch Student Thesis Film

NEW YORK- Fresh off of a leading role in the Tisch student thesis film, The Wandering Mind’s Dilemma, Jack Tocsworth, the famous clock star, is slated to appear in yet another student thesis film this month. While the film has yet to be named, the director described the film as pensive, with an important message about art and life.

In a recent interview with The Black Sheep, Tocsworth said that he gets his inspiration to act from his father Martin Tocsworth, who is most famously known for his roles in Back to the Future and Orson Welles’ High Noon. “When I deliver my lines, to me it’s not just tics and tocs, it’s more than that,” Tocsworth chimed in. “It’s honoring the great clocks who came before me, and telling the stories of those who were never heard.”

Tocsworth’s latest performance has been heralded by many as revolutionarily game changing yet sophisticated, and is expected to do well during this year’s First Run Student Film Festival. In the film, Tocsworth plays the antagonist who, much to the protagonist’s chagrin, closes in during the final moments of the film. The dramatic climax was described by one member of the crew as “Thrilling, with a hint of fear. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. A truly incredible work of art; that is so important to cinema.”

Despite the household name that Tocsworth has become, he recently revealed that he did not always want to play clocks in film, and was in fact typecast very early in his career. “I really wanted to play a dog in a movie. I thought it would be so fun being such a bad boy, just like barking at shit whenever I want. That’s the dream.” But as time wore on, Tocsworth accepted his fate and embraced his castings. His films have won numerous awards at student film festivals around the world, in categories such as experimental, film noir, and tragedy. It is his dream to someday win the Clocksers Award for best Clock in a Feature Film.

Tocsworth said he will be dedicating his upcoming performance to his father, because the film is “groundbreaking, and unlike any student film that has ever been made,” just like the work he grew up watching his father make. “I just want to make the old man proud. He always showed a brave face when trying something new.”

You can catch the upcoming film the the First Run Film Festival, but be sure to check out his past work.

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