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NYU Student Happy to Have Avoided Projectile Vomiting This NYE


Nicole Davila, a freshman at NYU originally the Bay Area of California, was very excited to have spent the holidays far away from campus.

“I’m from this rad town on the West Coast, Best Coast where only like 7,000 people live,” Nicole told us while drinking a Starbucks Macchiato and eating spoonfuls of guacamole. “It’s very different from Manhattan, waaaaayyy better, dude.”

Nicole lives in a dorm on Third Avenue at NYU, in a section of New York City that is frequently found coated in vomit each Sunday morning. It’s near Webster Hall and bars like the Village Pourhouse and Bar None.

“Everybody is always super drunk around here. They, like, projectile vomit everywhere – outside my dorm, inside the courtyard for my dorm, even in my hair once. In my town, people drink and stuff, cause there’s nothing else to do, but I’ve never seen so much vomit in one place.”

“I stayed for the holidays,” Alex DeFiore, Nicole’s boyfriend whom she met at NYU, told us. “I’m from Long Island and B, the city was way more lit. I threw up all over this dude that I’d never even met before. Like all over man! Everybody was throwing up before it was even 12, some threw up at the pregame. Totally insane, bruh.”

Nicole told us about her various experiences with vomit in the city, and says that she would have been terrified to have spent New Year’s Eve there. Instead, she spent it at a party hosted by a high school friend of hers, where people did indeed throw up, but she knew all of them so it was okay.

“I don’t mind seeing my friends blow chunks,” Nicole claims, “But seeing thousands of touristy strangers ralph and watch a stupid ball drop is so lame.”

Nicole will be returning to school on the 15th, and will be bringing a rain poncho in preparation for spring semester.

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