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Ohio State Drunk Food Bracket: The Finals


You voted (or didn’t because you’re still boycotting the test for not having Canes even though it will be in the second one) and we’ve tallied it up. The results were close for both pizza and non-pizza divisions, but Adriatico’s and Buckeye Donuts came out on top by 23 and 29 votes respectfully. If you watch any trash game-show you’ll know that this is the part where we tell you that this will be the hardest decision, closest match, most dramatic season of Drunk Food Places ever and we want YOUR vote.


Will you choose Adriatico’s, the fancy pizza shop that you take your High School girlfriend to so you don’t pass any of your hoes on the way to Sloopys or the place you went to with your parents as a freshman to give them the local foodie feel and insure them that you would never go anywhere near High Street at night. Little did they know that your drunk-ass stumbled all the way from Big Bar in a tank top and smashed an entire pizza the night before.


Or will it be Buckeye Donuts? THE staple of Ohio State that stays open all night for your pre-game fries, your on-your-trip-home-with-a-hookup pita pit stop or your morning-after-why-the-fuck-did-I-do-that-now-I’m-crying-in-the-clothes-I-wore-yesterday-that-I’m-now-oozing-out-of jelly donut as seen in it’s tweets. Either way those happy, friendly Greeks are overjoyed to see you and feed you way more than what you pay for.



So which will it be? Nostalgic pizza or 24-hour long donuts? You decide.



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WATCH: We made Malort cupcakes. They are bad.


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