2017 Ohio State Drunk Food Bracket Winner: Buckeye Donuts

author-pic at Ohio State University  

Results are all in and it looks like we have a winner. After much voting, the years of demolition on High Street that has knocked out virtually every business in the last 69 years, one has remained and held onto the hearts of us, buckeyes: Buckeye Donuts.

The sweet smell of “freshly rejected from bulls” freshman, “it’s on my way back to my dorm anyways” sophomores, “holy shit why am I doing homework on a Friday night I need to treat myself” juniors and “TB-MOTHAFUCKIN-T” seniors as they roll in and out makes this place 10X lit-er than its old sign.

Plus the slew of old men who come in and out or stay for several hours making you question if they actually go home or not makes the environment more diverse and adds to the undying drunk-hoe hope that one can be a sugar daddy. The friendly Greeks treat you like family, getting excited to feed you even more after you just threw up your previous 2 dinners on their floor. 

WATCH: For some, spring break is about partying on the beach. For others, it’s about wallowing in despair: