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OSU Daddy Of The Week: Colin


The Black Sheep has started a new weekly feature called Daddy of the Week. It celebrates the fine men on campus for their father-like qualities and overall attractiveness. Meet our first Daddy of the Week, Colin.



Name: Colin Arbuthnot
Twitter Handle: @chollychronic
Year: Freshman
Major: Aerospace Engineering (Pre-Business)
Relationship Status: (Mostly) Single
Fraternity: Sigma Pi
Boxers or Briefs?: Depending on the day, sometimes you just want a nice hugging fit, but other times you just want a loose type of comfortable.


Tell us a dad joke:
We should go to India sometime, I heard they opened up a New Delhi.


What’s worse: puking up tequila or waking up with a soft 3 laying next to you? Why?:
Puking up tequila, because even if you wake up to a soft 3, you’re probably still going to end up puking.


What’s your favorite thing to yell at your wife during a pointless argument?:
Do you wanna sleep on the couch again?


When’s the best time of the day for lawn darts? Why?:
4 a.m., because at that point you’re both really intoxicated and really tired. The perfect combo for lawn darts.


What cartoon character best describes how fratty you are? Why?:
Johnny Bravo because I’m smooth as fuck.


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at a bar?:
Someone was doing summersaults in the corner of Bullwinkle’s once.


What’s the most creative way to get rid of a pesky bout of Gonorrhea? Asking for a friend:
Its like a game of tag, ya know? You gotta pass it on to someone else to get it off of you.


What do you do when your kids are acting up in the back of the minivan?:
I take off the belt without warning or pulling the van over


Why do you think you deserve to be Daddy of the Week?:
I make dad jokes 24/7. I’m basically a dad without kids; the best kind.


Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
Because Alex Andrews writes for The Black Sheep, and it’s hilarious.


If you think you deserve to be featured as a Daddy of the Week, tweet us why at @BlackSheep_OSU.




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