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6 Graphs that Accurately Describe Life at OU


If you’re like most students at Ohio University, you’re probably pretty happy with your life here, but you may have noticed something missing. Whether you know it or not, that thing is graphs – specifically, graphs that summarize your college experience in a neat, organized and tastefully colorful way. But don’t worry: we’ve got the graphs that will fill the graph-shaped hole in your heart.


6.) Thoughts While Walking Up Jeff Hill: 




College has many learning curves. Jeff Hill is a literal curve. So is this graph. Peruse this tidy piece of symbolism as you prepare for your next trek up that disaster of an incline.


5.) Finding a Place to Park:



There are about 800 parking lots on campus, but somehow all of them are always full, closed or otherwise unavailable. Picture this soothing blue graph as you drive aimlessly around in a futile search for parking and maybe you won’t want to drive directly into the Hocking.


4.) Time Spent At Alden:



This circle of knowledge sums up what you do at Alden without all the messiness of the nervous breakdowns you’re having there in the middle of the night.


3.) A Bar Bar Graph:



Upon first glance, it may appear that this graph was crafted from concrete data and research, but we assure you that’s not the case. This chart really contains no information whatsoever, but it is purple, so that’s something. If that’s not good enough for you, you can go right ahead and make your own graph, you ungrateful nerd.


2.) Bonus Money Deserved by McDavis:


No, we didn’t forget to finish this one. That’s it. That’s the whole graph.


1.) Things You Do With Your Athens Brick:



Most OU students steal an Athens brick before they graduate, but what do they do with it next? The answer might surprise you, if you are easily surprised and/or assume that everyone with an Athens brick attaches a ransom note to it and hurls it through a window.



Since when do college apartments have rooftop pools?


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