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6 Things Freshmen Will Never Know About Ohio University

College campuses change constantly, and Ohio University is no different. Whether it’s tearing down buildings, building new ones, or changing policies, no graduating class has the exact same experience. This year’s freshman class will never experience these 6 things about Ohio University’s recent past:

6.) Bricks on Union Street:
In November of 2014, a local business on West Union Street caught fire and destroyed half a block worth of businesses and apartments. Construction to rebuild the buildings and repair the street took almost 30 months to complete (or, the amount of time some people take to finish their senior year). The city chose to replace the brick streets with pavement, so new students will never experience the pleasure of running on bricks while crossing from The Union to Haffa’s Record Store. This is doubly sad, because Haffa’s closed at the end of September. Why is everything we touch dying?! 

5.) One-way traffic on Jeff Hill:
Imagine: a one-way Jeff Hill. It wasn’t so long ago (last year, to be exact) that people would wipe out while trying to longboard down the hill, and students panted while they climbed Mount Jeff. This August, Jeff Hill opened to two-way traffic. Students crossing the street will now need to look both ways before crossing the hill but will still have to trek up the colossal slope. There are some Bobcat alum that will remember when Jeff Hill was nothing but dirt and a place to sled in the winter.

4.) BP on Court Street:
The BP on Court, strangely, holds a special place in the heart of many Bobcats. It was a great location between the bars of Uptown and the house parties of Mill Street. Students knew it as a spot that parents could buy a 30-rack of Natty Light while they waited outside, and no one would ask any questions (Editor’s Note: National Campus Editor Colin Hanner had his fake ID taken from him at this BP, so he’s glad BP is burning in hell). Now, the building has gone under some major renovations and is now a Valero station. Who is going to start the petition to change it back to a BP and where do we sign?

3.) Being (somewhat) sober at Peden Stadium:
This caught everyone by surprise. Ohio University is asking permission to serve beer in Peden Stadium this year. Students and fans alike are looking forward to having something else to do, besides watching the game, in order to pass the time between Marching 110 performances. But beware: the prices are high and selection is limited.

2.) More overnight space in Alden Library:
This is a project that has been in the works for years, and it’s finally happening. Alden Library has two floors open 24/5, but previously the 2nd floor was the only thing open overnight. This means students will have twice as many places where they can send 3 a.m. Snapchats when they should be studying for that Anatomy test.

1.) A town without roundabouts:
To help elevate this traffic congestion, the city of Athens has built several roundabouts over the past several years. Now, you can now make good time circling the town looking for the ever-elusive parking spot instead of driving down the wrong one-way street. 

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