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7 OU Graduation Cap Design Ideas


You have 20 projects, 3 papers and 5 exams due within the next week before graduation and you haven’t started any of them. Don’t worry, The Black Sheep is here to give you another idea to procrastinate. Why not start decorating your graduation cap? We came up with some great ideas:


7.) Shively SHIT I’m graduating!:



This cap is perfect for all of those seniors who aren’t hit with the realization that they are graduating until they are being handed their diploma. Graduation is like eating at Shively. It may taste pretty good when you’re there, but once you leave and enter the real world all you can think is “Sh********t!!!”


6.) yOU suck!:



Aren’t feeling very creative? Here is an easy and obnoxious graduation cap just for you. Not only does it incorporate the cheesy “OU” letters, but it also has the perfect message that you want to tell all the people at OU that you’ll never see again. hOUw cOUld yOU resist making this cap?


5.) OU Dad:



Had an “oops” freshman year and now you’re an OU dad? This is the best graduation cap for you. Or this is a great cap for anyone who wears an “OU dad” t-shirt ironically to all of the fests. Who needs a graduation gown when you have that t-shirt to go with your cap?


4.) Who is Alden?:



For all of those people who never went to the library once during their OU career and are overly proud of this “accomplishment,” this is the graduation cap for you.


3.) Athens: $33,000; Me: A piece of paper:



This graduation cap is the cruel reality of going to college. You spent all of that money for a piece of paper, and they don’t even give you a frame for it- you have to buy that too!


2.) Harambe would’ve loved to see me graduate:



We all know that there is going to be that one person who wears this hat and then flashes the crowd when they receive their diploma.


1.) Bober Sobcat:



If you had to describe the average graduating OU student, this would be the cap that everyone should wear. Wear this cap with pride knowing that OU will always be the number one party school and best hOUme in every bobcat’s heart.


If you wear one of these caps to graduation, everyone will think you are so creative. We won’t tell them that you got your ideas off of the Internet, just like the rest of your college education.



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