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Students Miss Burrito Buggy, Even Though They Never Ate There

Earlier this month, Burrito Buggy, the Mexican food truck and Athens icon of almost 35 years, was put up for sale. This announcement came after weeks of speculation that the beloved food cart was in the process of straight up closing, and both current students and alum took to social media to voice displeasure in this change.

Oddly, amidst the outpour of sorrow for the Burrito Buggy’s fate, nobody seems to have ever eaten there ever. 

The Black Sheep reached out to those that posted on social media and heard back from many alum and current students.

Stephanie Kusher, class of 1992, was angry that Burrito Buggy was being put up for sale. 

“This was the go-to spot for my friends and I to meet after a night of drinking. It was our way of checking in on each other in a time before cell phones,” Kusher said.

When asked what her favorite thing to order was, she said that they never ordered food from the cart but just “used it as a bright landmark.”

This idea of using the Burrito Buggy as a meeting location was a common thread between everyone that responded to our call for comments.

Senior Justin Kusher, who swears he isn’t related to Stephanie, also commented that he and his friends used Burrito Buggy as a meeting spot.

“We usually get food from other spots on Court Street; some of my friends go Goodfellas pizza while others go to Big Mama’s,” Kusher said. “We all meet at Burrito Buggy before heading back to our house for the evening.”

While Burrito Buggy was a common meeting spot for late night Bobcats, the orange cart was important to newly-engaged couple Amy Borasch and Emily Thile.

“It is a little known fact, but the first time that I met Amy was at Burrito Buggy,” Emily said. “I was leaving class with a mutual friend of Amy’s and the three of us ran into each other by Burrito Buggy. Ever since that first-chance meeting, Amy and I would start our dates by meeting at Burrito Buggy. Never ate there, though–never met anyone who did.”

Amy shared that the couple was planning on getting married on campus and wanted to get their wedding photos taken with Burrito Buggy in the background, though added that a potential sale puts those photo opts in trouble.

The owners of Burrito Buggy wonder why everyone is shocked about the cart being for sale.

“We got a great deal on the business almost 10 years ago and it took us this long to figure out why that was,” one of the owners told us. “We are the unofficial meeting spot of Bobcats. Everyone uses the cart as a meeting spot, but no one eats here. We’ve had yet to turn a profit.”

Students and alumni alike are hopeful that some adventurous entrepreneur buys the business so future Bobcats will have a meeting spot for years to come.


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