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Can We All Agree the Worst Major at OU is Pre-Law?

Pre-law majors are the worst major at OU. Christ almighty. Just because they think they are going to be lawyers, they walk around campus thinking they have all the answers. How do you know that someone is a pre-law major at Ohio University? Here are a couple of hints:

Pre-law students always identify themselves as pre-law majors and think it makes them special. A typical introduction with a pre-law major goes like this:

A not-pre-law major, Jake: “Hi, I’m Jake. It’s nice to meet you on this day.”  
A pre-law major, Meghan: “Hi, I’m a pre-law major everyday, and also, my name is Meghan.”

Wow, the arrogance. They are almost as annoying as journalism majors and people that do Crossfit. Almost.

You know “that” person in class? The one that “asks” statements in class, with a big smug smile? We’ve all been in classes with “that” person. You know who “that” is? That’s the pre-law major (though, it could also be that Crossfit guy). Either they are trying to prove they’re smarter than everyone else in the room, including the professor, or they want show that they did the suggested readings on the syllabus. Either way, they’re showing off, and it’s obnoxious, and no, I didn’t do the “suggested” “readings” on the “syllabus.” Nerd.  

Pre-law students are always dressing up. While the rest of us are trying to not fall asleep on our Crystal handstamp, these kids are up early in the morning ironing their three-piece suit for the day. Kudos to pre-law students for not wearing the same pair of sweatpants for a week straight like some of us, but I doubt a recruiter from Capital Law School is going to your History of Rock n’ Roll lecture.

While the rest of us are looking for Cliffnotes of the assignment, Pre-Law students are reading, like, a lot. The author of this article didn’t even read this article, and he wrote it. Pre-law majors spend their time reading websites like “Pre-Law Daily,” and “How to Ask Statements Vol. IV.” Watching a pre-law major try to follow along in a simple children’s book must be like watching a pigeon try to drive a bus. And pre-law majors probably have a defense for the pigeon in that situation! 

Sure, they have post-graduation figured out. While the rest of us are struggling to find an unpaid internship to gain “experience,” the pre-law major’s biggest struggle is which law program to apply too. They think going into a vocational training for three years means the doors will be wide open for them. Jokes on them, since less than 60% of law-school graduates have a job that requires a law degree within a year of graduation. Wow, talk about embarrassing. I’ve got a job lined up at Staples after graduation, and I didn’t need a “pre-law” degree to do that! 

Clearly Ohio University can help other students from dealing with these poor souls out by eliminating the so-called “pre-law” major.

We also think pre-law is the worst major. Listen to our podcast! 

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