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Drinking Game: Clichés

People-watching is a timeless pastime that’s been practiced for years. It’s amazing how amusing it can be to sit outside and watch handfuls of the college campus stroll by, entirely consumed by their own business. Sometimes, you’ll see something so outrageously stereotypical that you must turn to a friend and wonder aloud, “Seriously?” This week, we have taken this simple pleasure and turned it into a drinking game.

What You’ll Need:

A comfortable place to sit outside, lots of beer, and maybe even some shots. If you’re nearsighted, be sure to wear you contacts or glasses, whichever you prefer! Friends aren’t required, but they are recommended.

Number of Players:

You can play this one by yourself, but the more the merrier, right?

Level of Intoxication:

Depends on how many people are out. On a warm day, expect to get thoroughly tanked.

How to Play:

Take a sip of beer every time you see:

-A frat bro decked out in boat shoes, a button down, and loud shorts.

-A group of sorority girls dressed exactly the same.

-A nerdy-looking kid running with an overstuffed backpack.



Take two sips if you see:

-A guy using his dog to hit on women.

-An unwashed hipster with Birkenstocks and a man bun.

-A group of guys in various jerseys and Timbs headed into the bars.


Finish your beer if you see:

-A posse of sorority girls rollerblading poorly.

-One of the jersey dudes you saw earlier passed out in the street.


The Game Ends When:

You’ve had enough of the basic-ass people that dwell on your college campus. If you accidentally start shouting the rude comments you meant to keep to yourself, you should probably stop the game before you piss off the wrong person.

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