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Every Day is Pickle Fest if You’re Megan!


Bagel Street Deli’s annual pickle-eating competition, Pickle Fest, will take place at the restaurant this Friday. But for some, like Ohio University sophomore Megan Isaacs, one day a year is simply not enough to commemorate the much-adored vinegar-soaked cucumber.


For Megan, in her own words, “Every day is pickle fest.”


We met Megan at Brenen’s for lunch, and she was happy, if not a bit shy, to share the details of her pickle-loving ways. Megan ordered a plate of “just pickles,” much to the confusion of the cafe staff.


Megan’s pickle-eating started when she was about three years old, she explained, and her first encounter was love at first bite. Since that day, Megan has dedicated much of her daily caloric intake to her pickle obsession.


“I eat about 15 pickles per sitting, about three times a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, you know,” Megan said. “That’s a few jars per day, I suppose, with a snack in between.”


Bagel Street’s pickle-eating competition is just as it sounds. One day per year, the restaurant holds a competition to see how many pickles a person can eat in 10 minutes. The winner is awarded with a Pickle Fest t-shirt and a custom bagel sandwich that will be added to the restaurant’s menu permanently. The entry fee is a minimum of $5, which will go to a charity of the winner’s choosing.


Megan explained that she attends the event each year, but never participates because she wouldn’t know what sandwich she’d add to the menu.


“Sometimes I eat pickles on bread,” she added, taking a large bite out of her lunchtime Vlasic. “But only if I have to.”


According to her nutritionist, Megan’s unusual diet is fairly healthy, as a gluten-free, vegan regimen. Although, that doesn’t concern Megan.


“I just really, really like pickles,” Megan said.


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