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Student Creates GoFundMe to Raise ‘Natty Awareness’ for Mill Fest

This weekend, students will gather for the start of Fest Season on Mill Street. The next several weeks will be filled with students spending their weekends avoiding their academic responsibilities, drinking alcohol, and generally having a good time. One house on Mill Street is taking a unique approach to hosting their party this year: a GoFundMe campaign to bring “Natty awareness” to Mill Fest goers.

Most students that host the parties spend hundreds of dollars on alcohol, music, and decorations for the party. Instead of fronting the money themselves, with the hope that the people that end up attending the party pay them back, students are taking to crowdfunding.

Paul Logan, resident at 123 Mill Street, started the campaign in an attempt to make money for the upcoming fest. 

“This is my third senior year at Ohio University, and I want to make sure I can do Mill Fest right… again,” Logan wrote in the description of his GoFundMe campaign. “The goal of the campign is to provide enough alcohol for myself and the hundreds of strangers that will be drinking on my property over the weekend.”

Logan argues that since it is his place that is being used for the party, he isn’t going to provide alcohol. This is an idea that made sense to his roommates.

“We have a huge porch and the people that are coming to the party are going to have access to our bathrooms,” Logan said. “We also are going to get a DJ to perform. Why would we need to do anything else?”

The GoFundMe description also provides a full breakdown of how donated funds will be spent.

“40% will go towards party supplies. Party supplies might include: red solo cups, plastic shot glasses, inflatable duck to float in the flooding if that’s still happening. 20% will go toward cleaning supplies…20% legal fees (especially after last year)…50% will go towards the actual purchase of alcohol. Alcohol purchases, of course, include a keg of Natty Light, and possibly: glass bottles of Fireball, plastic bottles of Kamchatka vodka, or whatever we can get the most of.”

Logan and his roommates say they’re hopeful about the results of the campaign, although, as of Thursday morning, they still had no donations to their cause.

“We aren’t sure how many people plan on coming to the party, so we set what we believe is a very modest goal,” Logan said. “Anything that we raise about the amount that we set will not be spend on additional alcohol. Instead we will donate that money towards an non-profit that provides medical assistance for wildlife dealing with diabetes. Or some shit like that.”

You can learn more about the GoFundMe and make a donation to it by clicking this link here: MillFest GoFundMe.

“By supporting the GoFundMe,” the campaign description concludes, “you will help bring the hopes and dreams of several Ohio University students come true. We will be able to party without using our money or our parents money.”


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