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Top 7 Last-Minute Bobcat-Inspired Christmas Gifts

With the holiday season approaching around the same time you’re hurriedly preparing for finals, odds are that there will be a few people who slide under your gift-giving radar until it’s almost too late. Luckily, the local bookstores around OU are packed with exciting and affordable gifts that will make even your most forgettable cousin feel like you kind of remembered them this year. Here are seven of them, you thoughtful individual, you.

7.) A License Plate Frame: 
We as Americans tend to frame the things that are most important to us in life: treasured family photos, people we want to go to prison, and, of course, license plates. Gaze upon your gift with pride as your loved ones drive away from you for buying them a terrible gift.

6.) A Magnet that Says “Ohio Dad” with the Word “Bobcats” Underneath: 
This is a great way to remind someone that they are not just a dad, but a dad from Ohio. Getting even more specific, the lucky guy who gets this present will know that bobcats are involved in his life somehow. If that’s not a thoughtful, personalized gift, we don’t know what is.

5.) A 3-Pack of Golf Balls:
Two golf balls is a slap in the face, but four is basically a marriage proposal, so three is the perfect happy medium. Luckily, that’s the exact (and only) quantity of golf balls you can buy in a package from the College Book Store.

4). A Rufus-Shaped Christmas Tree Ornament: 
It’s the gift that keeps on giving, at least until the recipient takes their tree down and forget about it completely for the next 50 weeks.

3.) An Orphan: 
Not many people know what’s in the back room of the bookstores, but we broke in and found out that they’re all completely stuffed full of orphans. There are just dozens of kids in a tiny closet without a parent to share between them. Pick one up today for just $24.99 and give the gift of somewhat-legal guardianship to someone special this year!

2.) An Ice Punch Gatorade: 
Know what an ice punch is? Neither do we, but it sure does sound like something festive and wintry. Give a barely-memorable athlete this potable winter wonderland and watch their eyes light up as they fill themselves with electrolytes and Christmas cheer.

1.) A Pencil that Says “Go Bobcats!” on the Side: 
Everyone knows that the pen is mightier than the sword, but the pencil is cheaper than the pen. Giving her this one-of-a-kind writing utensil will let your great aunt know that you appreciate her, but in a way that involves giving her what is essentially a stick of garbage. Put a bow on it or something. It doesn’t even matter. We care about as much as you do.


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