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Newest Bobcats Basketball Recruit Just a Bat


Students and fans got the surprise of a lifetime on Friday when a bat was spotted inside the Convo during the basketball game against Kent State. According to witnesses, the bat flew aimlessly around the court throughout the game, distracting fans and players alike.  


That’s why it was a big surprise when Head Coach Saul Phillips explained that the bat is actually a member of the team, and that they were witnessing the start of the newest recruit for the Bobcats. A transfer student from Division 3 Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky made his presence known in the game. Coach Phillips has high hopes for the transfer student. 


“Before the season started, the players were talking about the movie Air Bud.  I found a documentary about Bud and I was impressed by what I saw.  I figured if a dog was good enough to play basketball, why not a bat?” stated Coach Saul at the press-conference at the end of the game.  “Unfortunately, the first game for the bat was less than impressive.  There is a lot of work that needs to be done.” 


While Saul continues to hold out hope for the new player, the rest of the team isn’t that excited.  Senior Kenny Kaminski is skeptical of how the bat will help the team.  “I’m glad Coach is excited for the bat to join the team, but how much impact will the bat have?  I mean, all he did this game was just fly around and distract the fans.  The least he could have done was help us out on defense.” 


Sophomore James Gollon is worried about how the bat will affect the team.  “I’ve been on the team for 2 years and have to prove myself in practice so I can get playing time.  This bat comes in and gets playing time right away.  That doesn’t sit well for players that only get a few minutes of playing time a game.” 


Team leader and senior Antonio Campbell isn’t sure what to think of the bat, he’s more worried about Saul.  “I think the stress is getting to Coach.  Air Bud was a movie that is almost 20 years old.  To think that a dog can play basketball is crazy.  But to think a bat can play?!  I think Coach is starting to lose it.” 


The Black Sheep tried to reach out to the bat for an interview. Instead of answering the questions, the bat just kept trying to attack the reporters and suck their blood. 


What do you think of the new bat?  Let us know at @BlackSheepOhioU.  Also, don’t forget to catch the Bobcats and the new bat in action this season.  The schedule of all games can be found here.


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