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8 Ohio University-Themed Olympic Sports to Compete in This Winter

Events that are unknown most of the time, like the biathlon or curling, will be featured in next week’s Winter Olympics, and people from all walks of life will proudly wear their national colors and cheer for athletes they have never heard of, all in the name of national pride. However, not everyone is able to complete at an elite level in semi-obscure sports. We knew there was a gap to fill, so we came up with Olympic-style events that could (and should) happen at Ohio University.

8.) Jeff Hill luge:
Just like the Olympic luge, the idea is to get from the top of Jeff Hill to the bottom as quick as possible. The additional wrinkle for this event is that Jeff Hill would remain open while the event is going on. Competitors need to not know go as fast as they can, but they need to avoid cars as well. Winner gets to live to see another day. 

7.) Baker stairs bobsled:
A regular bobsled course has multiple corners, and so do these stairs. There could be either two- or four-person teams, but just like the luge event,  stairs would remain open while this event is going on, so be sure to avoid anyone crazy enough to be walking up an impromptu bobsled course. This event will end before you get to the bottom, and there’ll be no official winner. 

6.) Freestyle Court Street crossing:
Crosswalks are only a suggestion in Athens, and people will cross the streets regardless of the oncoming traffic. Why not turn this into an Olympic event? Individuals that participate in this event are judged on how long it takes them to cross the street and how many cars are passing them in that time. Again, winners get to live to see another day.

5.) Late-night drunk purchase:
This event would involve going to a the late-night place you don’t normally go to (for example, Big Mama’s instead of O’Betty’s), ordering food, eating the food, and remembering where you got food from the next morning. Winner gets to be hungover.

4.) Hide-and-seek at the Ridges:
This isn’t a game for kids—this is a game for serious adults. All of the Ridges would turn into a giant game of hide-and-seek. Possible locations to hide include the cemetery, the area around the old TB building, and in some of the random artwork that is on the grounds.  The winner would be the last person found, if they’re alive by the end of it…

3.) The Athens Bricks tumble:
Simultaneously beautiful and annoying, the brick streets in Athens are truly something to behold. This event involves trying to cross the bricks while the bricks are either wet or covered in ice. Winners are judged on how many times they fall, but final scores are weighted by the major physical damage they do to themselves.

2.) Who’s the biggest Bobcat Fan?:
People that attended Ohio University—both those that graduated and those that dropped out—are proud of the school they attended. This event requires people to post the most obscure Ohio University item online. The person that gets the most favorites or comments wins! Winner gets bragging rights, which is worth more than anything else to an Ohio University fan.

1.) Marching 110 dance-off:
While wearing the Marching 110 uniform, contestants would have a perform a two-part dance-off during the halftime performance of the homecoming football game. The first part is the pre-planned routine, so everyone is doing the same dance. The second part is an eight bar free-for-all. Winner gets a lifetime of enjoyment knowing that they came out on top. 

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