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OU Freshmen Disappointed to Learn They Have to Attend Class

Starting college is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. People who are barely 18 years old are being asked to balance a new life on their own. Most students are up to this new challenge. The idea of having almost complete control over their lives is something they have been waiting for. But with all of this new freedom and control, new students can forget about what they’re really here for, which is to attend classes.  

It’s a growing phenomenon among freshmen students at Ohio University. After excitedly planning their new lives of socializing, partying, working and club activities, students are in for the shock of their lives when reminded that they have to take a full load of courses as well. The Black Sheep spoke with some new OU students during move-in weekend to investigate the issue. 

“My older sister graduated from Ohio University a couple of years ago, so I already know all the great places to eat and where the best parties are at,” commented Anastasia Howell, a freshman from Cincinnati as she took a short break from moving her stuff into Washington Hall.  “I look forward to finally being on my own. Sure, I’ll still have a roommate and have to work to hide things from the RA, but that will be easy,” stated a confident Howell.

“The real challenge will be trying to balance the activities I want to do,” she continued. “There is getting involved with the O-Zone, so I will have to attend all the home sporting events. I also want to try and write for The Post, I am a journalism major after all, so that is another thing that I want to get involved with. I think between those two activities, plus the partying, I will have a full fall schedule.”   

When asked what her class load looked like, Anastasia got a confused look on her face while mouthing the word “classes.” She quickly went back to helping her dad carry a load of clothing into her new home. 

Brian Moeller, an undecided student from Pittsburgh, is excited about college for a different reason. “I can’t wait to rush a fraternity!” he exclaimed. 

Moeller, moving into Boyd Hall with the help of his mom and older brother, was more than willing to take a break and talk about his plans for rushing this fall. “I have a cousin who pledged Beta Theta Pi at Miami. He had such a great experience that I can’t wait to see if they will offer a bid to me. I know it will be a lot of work, cost a lot of money, and a major time commitment but I know it will be worth it.”   

Moeller was questioned about being able to balance rushing a fraternity while taking a full class load, and the excitement quickly left his face. “Oh yeah, classes,” he said, looking off into the distance, shaking his head, and finally going back to carrying clothes.  

Erica Roberts, a freshman studying marketing in the College of Business, can’t wait to start working.  “I was already able to find two different jobs in town, which is awesome,” she stated. “This is going to be my first opportunity to really work some hours and make some cash.  I got a job working in Nelson Dining Hall and delivering subs for Jimmy Johns. Between the tips from one job and the hours from the other, I will have tons of spending cash for afford new OU apparel, going out a couple of times a week, even save some money for a spring break trip.”   

When pushed to answer questions about how she can manage to balance working two jobs with a full semester of credits, Roberts snapped back to reality.  “Oh yeah, classes. I kind of forgot about those.” 

So let the this be a warning to parents and others that want to broach the question “So how are classes going?” with students. The responses might range from discontent to anger. This is clearly a touchy subject with current students. As an alternative, instead ask questions such as “What organizations are you getting involved with?” and “Do you actually remember making it back to your residence hall this past weekend?” 

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