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OU Remixes Its Fight Song, Alma Mater ‘For the Kids’

Ohio University has an Alma Mater and fight song, but the language is old and outdated, and many of us can’t truly relate to the lyrics. We took this opportunity to rewrite the songs “for the kids” so they’d really ring true with the core values of the Bobcats. 

Everyone knows that football games are about getting drunk, watching until halftime, dancing along to the Marching 110, and then heading straight to the bars. That’s what our fight song should really be about. We present to you, OU’s fight song with much more realistic and relatable lyrics:

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Fight Song: Here, Have a Beer 

Here, have a beer  
Drink fast and long for old OHIO 
For today we raise 
Our Natty Light above the rest 

 Our team is fighting, 
But we’re bound to leave after the band plays 
We’ve lost our buzz, 
Let’s head to the bars, 
For this old OHIO’s day! 

 Chug! Chug! Chug! 


And, the original: 

Stand up and cheer 
Cheer loud and long for old OHIO 
For today we raise 
The Green and White above the rest 

Our team is fighting, 
And we are bound to win the fray 
We’ve got the team, 
We’ve got the steam, 
For this is old OHIO’s day! 

Rah! Rah! Rah! 

The Alma Mater song, on the other hand, is what we’re meant to hum to ourselves long after graduation, so our reworked version really illustrates what it’s like to be an Ohio University graduate. We love our university, but the truth is that many grads are frightened, cold and broke. They don’t know how their knowledge of tapping kegs and shot-gunning tall boys will transfer to the workplace, and they miss their time here at Ohio University. 

Sing along with this. 


Whenever we go back through our Facebooks 
And scroll our photos through and through 
We’ll find no days that embarrass our mothers 
As those we spent at old O.U. 
Within our Alma Maters confines 
We drank ourselves near to death  
And when there came the day of parting, 
Our drinking habits could not be kept 

 CHORUS (2 verses)  
Alma mater, Ohio 
Alma mater, this isn’t fair! 
Alma mater, we graduated, 
But come homecoming we’ll be there. 

 Alma Mater, Ohio 
When we think of our time with thee, 
We remember fests and parties 
And wonder how we got a degree. 

Our Alma mater calls us ever, 
Asking for our donation checks, 
We always politely say hell no, 
We know you know we’re still in debt. 
 When Alma Mater sends us forward, 
We trade our kegs for bottles of wine, 
We wish we could move back to our dorms, 
But we lie and say we’re doing fine. 


Here are the original, out-of-touch lyrics:

When e’er we take our book of mem’ries 
And scan its pages through and through 
We’ll find no days that glow so brightly 
As those we spent at old O.U. 
Within our Alma Mater’s portals 
We meet her children hand to hand 
And when there comes the day of parting, 
Still firm and loyal we will stand 

CHORUS (2 verses) 

Alma Mater, Ohio, 
Alma Mater, brave and fair! 
Alma Mater, we hail thee, 
For we own thy kindly care. 

Alma Mater, Ohio, 
When we read thy story o’er, 
We revere thee and cheer thee 
As we sing thy praise once more. 

Our Alma Mater calls us ever, 
And love of country has its claim, 
The one but makes us prize the other, 
And thus we cherish both the same. 
When Alma Mater sends us forward, 
And in her name we stand in line, 
Then we will serve the nation better, 
For having gathered at her shrine.  


Now, Bobcats can sing their school songs and truly believe in what they’re saying. Take the time to memorize every word of these tunes so you can sing them at the bars, football games, or even during your professor’s lectures. These are the songs you’ll be singing to your future children, that will inspire them, too, to attend OU. 


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