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OU Students “Too Jazzed” for Santa Fest to Care About MAC Championship Game


This Friday, the Ohio University Bobcats football team is headed to Detroit for the MAC Championship game against Western Michigan. Although this certainly isn’t breaking news, it might come as a surprise to many Ohio University students, who are simply “too jazzed” about Santa Fest to concern themselves with football at this time.


While it’s typical for college students to support their university’s football team on big championship game days, Ohio University students have reportedly been more concerned with planning their ugly Christmas sweater outfit they will don all night at the bars this Saturday.


“I’m going to wear a full elf costume. It’s a sweater onesie with a stitched-on belt and some jingle bells too. It’s going to be a big hit,” said junior Sara Lawrence. “I love Santa Fest! It has to be the biggest event going on right now for OU students.”


Santa Fest is an annual event that takes place the weekend before finals week on Court Street. Students dress in Christmas attire and head to the bars to celebrate the end of the semester and holiday season.


According to Dean of Students Jenny Hall-Jones, with all the cheerful festivities going on this weekend, it actually appears that many OU students don’t even realize the football team is competing in the championship game at all.


“I can’t think of anything more important right now other than Santa Fest on Saturday. And then, I guess, finals week. But yeah that’s my main focus right now,” said senior Matt McMorris, who spent last weekend in Columbus cheering for Ohio State during their rivalry game against Michigan.


Even for the students that are aware of the Bobcats success this season, Santa Fest appears to be the main priority. For one Marching 110 band member, Santa Fest takes the cake over heading to Detroit for the championship game and performing in front of a national televised audience.


“Yeah I’ll be in Detroit on Friday for the game,” said trumpet player Rebecca Hartford. “But did you hear that Santa Fest is on Saturday? I’m finally 21 this year so I’m ready to be jolly!”




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