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7 Best Places To Sleep Off A Hangover At Ohio University

Being hungover is a horrible experience. Dealing with the cotton mouth, the horrible headache, all the while attempting to function like a good student? It’s nearly impossible. Sometimes you need to get away for a few hours and catch a quick nap, and, luckily, OU has some of the best places to crash to sleep off a hangover: 

7.) This Couch on the Third Floor of Grover:

This is a great couch to catch a quick nap. There are few classrooms on the third floor, which means limited foot traffic aka restful, uninterrupted sleep. Plus, the bathrooms are only a few feet away if you need to expel any remaining Natty Light.

6.) A Chair on the First Floor of Baker:

Seems like a strange spot to catch a nap, but hear this: it’s an area that a lot of people move through, but there’s usually not a not of noise. Other people are shuffling along from the doors to the escalators, many of them wearing headphones. Think of those people as a white noise machine that are helping to drown out the jackhammers that is your brain. 

5.) The Couch in LGBT Center:

The LGBT center is another high traffic area, but people will respect someone trying to catch a quick nap here. And look at those pillows! Looks like someone was planning on you taking a nap here. 

4.) This Bench in Wolfe Garden:

Where is Wolfe Garden, you ask? It is located outside the fourth floor of Alden Library. This is a nice little getaway on College Green. Almost no one spends any real time in the garden area (you didn’t even know about it until seven seconds ago) so you don’t have to worry about someone judging you for wearing the same clothes from three days ago that smell like shame and GoodFella’s.

3.) This Couch in the Honors Collegium:

This is a unique place in Baker Center. This place is usually closed down when anyone reserves Baker Ballroom, and rarely occupied other times, and the pleather couches are nice and cool. There are plenty of chairs and couches for you to takeover and pretend the previous 16 hours didn’t happen. But they did happen, and there are Snapchat screenshots to prove it.

2.) This Couch on the First Floor in Grover:

Would you just look at it? This is a cult-classic location, so it won’t work for everyone. This is near a lot of classrooms and tables where nursing students are studying for hours on end, but, even with those distractions, it’s a spot that select students can nap off the drunken escapades of the night before. There must be something calming about hearing how a “foley catheter” works.

1.) A Desk Pod in Alden Library:

These nifty mini desks are almost never in use and no one knows why. They’re clearly designed for only one person, they have high walls to block out the noise, and they even have a footrest! Why you aren’t passed out here instead of a random room on Mill Street is a mystery.

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