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Whoa! These Sorority Sisters Just Found Out They’re Also Eskimo Sisters

Maria Raimondi and Hannah Segal both realized something earlier this month, and no, it wasn’t that they were in the same political science class—they both hooked up with the same guy last semester! Normally finding out that you and your friend both slept with the same guy might cause a strain in the relationship, but for these two “eskimo sisters,” finding out that they hooked up with the same guy has had the opposite effect.

Maria and Hannah are both juniors at Ohio University and live together in the Delta Gemma house. After coming back from winter break, the two sisters were talking about how they spent their break.

“I started talking to this guy, Mark, who was a friend of a friend from high school,” Maria said. “He turned out to be a real dud and pretty selfish, too. ‘Two-pump chump,’ is what I later learned they call him. Not to his face, of course.” 

“And then I realized I had a pretty similar experience,” Hannah said. “I met up with this guy—also a friend of a friend, whose name was also Mark—and even before I could take my clothes off at the end of our date, he had finished.” 

After several minutes of silence passed, Hannah admits that she was the one the broke the quiet.

“I told Maria that I didn’t think we could call ourselves ‘Pogo Sisters’ since there wasn’t any bouncing involved before the guy shot his load.”

Pogo Sisters, a slang term for two women that have had sex with the same guy, didn’t seem fitting, so the girls said the spent the rest of the night trying to figure out how to describe what happened and what to call each other.

The two confirmed that they both plenty of drank wine and spent time looking up different terms online, eventually settling on the “Eskimo Sisters,” a play on the popular phrase, “Eskimo Brothers.”

It is clear that there is no animosity between the two sisters over what happened.

“Mark was such a sad experience for both of us,” Hannah said. “It isn’t worth throwing away years of friendship over a guy that failed to please us both.”


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