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The Black Sheep’s Review of OU Dining Halls

If you’re currently an underclassman still living in the dorms, then you’re probably sick of the dining hall food already. On the other hand, if you’re an upperclassman, you probably miss the dining hall. Irony is a funny thing. Either way we can all agree that OU definitely isn’t known for its gourmet, but it does get the job done. The Black Sheep will take a look at the pros, the cons, and everything in between for each dining hall. (Not Baker, because Baker isn’t a dining hall, but it is magically delicious!)


Boyd West Green Market District


It’s Boyd, dammit!


This is the newest dining hall of the three, as it was renovated this summer. It is very nice (almost too nice), clean and updated. There’s a gosh darn water fall thing in the lobby, and the new name sounds like an aristocratic suburb for crying out loud. 


There is a smoothie bar, fresh produce and a produce butcher that will cut up all your fresh crops. Also, depending on the time of day and the day of the week, Boyd tends to be the least crowded. The first few weeks it was crazy with people wanting to see the newest addition to the campus, but the hype has slowly died down.


The food options are very diverse as opposed to the general plate of “brown” found in other dining halls. You can have a pita, a bowl of pasta, or some meat right off the bone.



The food is almost too fancy. Where are the hot dogs? Where are the chicken fingers? Where is the pizza? A pita is nice, but sometimes we need our good ol’ BBQ.


Robots are taking over! And they are doing a bad job. Ordering a sandwich on one of those tablets was pretty cool but every time you order a sandwich, it messes up the order, which gets pretty frustrating after a while — like watching a drunk Roomba navigate your bathroom.


3 very fancy stars out of 5


Shively Hall





It is the perfect dining hall for a quick lunch stop. They have all the classics, burgers, sandwiches, soup, pizza and salad.


Shively has the best and only grab n’ go in the game. The sandwich, chips, cookies, and drink selection is the perfect lunch to grab on the go, ha, see what we did there?


Shive has a prime location. Being right at the bottom of Morton Hill it allows students to quickly hike up and down the hill and be right back in the middle of campus.


You also have to appreciate the set up of Shively. There’s the middle for the medium sized groups who want to sit and people watch, then there’s the right side where you have bigger booths and the longer tables for the larger groups who just want to keep to themselves and have a nice, politically charged conversation, and finally you have the back where all the peeps eating solo dolo can chill and watch SportsCenter.


Also the most underrated section of Shive is in the back, which is where they make some great sandwiches.





There is not enough seating for everyone. During dinnertime, it gets slammed and students are forced to walk around in circles like a vultures waiting for a table to open up.


As much as everyone likes burgers, fries, and pizza, it can get old quickly, and when the do try to spice it up it tends to not impress. Also, thought Mexican food station is solid, let’s be real it is no Chipotle. 


The real kicker is what happens post-Shive. You walk out, with a happy tummy, as you lick your cookies and cream ice cream when you look up and see the vaunted Morton Hill. The best way we’ve found to attack it, is to just push through and chug along. You might get a cramp when you get to the top, but you can always stretch it out on the steps in front of Gordy.



4 out of 5 stars


Nelson Hall



The variety here is spectacular. You have breakfast, BBQ, Asian, pasta, pizza, salad, and sandwiches. You can never get sick of Nelson because there’s always something there that you are craving.


Plus, it’s huge. Even when it’s crowded you’ll never have to worry about wandering around, side-eyeing people to see if they’re moving. 


The hot dogs deserve their own paragraph. Those dogs are fantastic. Toss some onions, mustard, and ketchup on it and you are set. Not satisfied with that? They have condiments on condiments on condiments. You got your honey mustard, BBQ, Ranch, chipotle mayo, Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, sweet chili, siracha, etc.


Did we mention that they serve breakfast ALL DAY LONG?


It is definitely out of the way for those West Greeners, which is unfortunate. Plus the ice cream is always a mess. No one knows how to put on crushed Oreos, and since you don’t have to clean it up no one does. YOU ANIMALS


The lines can be heartless sometimes. Dinnertime during the week, the grill station’s line is always a mile long, not to mention the breakfast food section’s line is always a mile and a half long during weekend lunches.



4.5 out of 5 stars


The best stop on campus for those of you who still hold the holy grail that is a meal plan, is with out a doubt Nelson Dining Hall located on South Green. However, every dinning hall has their unique specialty and we strongly encourage all the underclassmen to enjoy them while they can. Even if you don’t believe it now, you will miss them when you no longer have the golden ticket that is flex fourteen, and you will beg all the Bobkittens on campus to swipe you in. 

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