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7 Things to Bring to Number Fest That Aren’t Beer

This Saturday is the 15th annual Number Fest, a yearly music festival in Athens, Ohio that boasts rap and EDM artists. In past years, #FEST was known for its lax policies on bringing drinks, however, that rule has recently changed. Students can no longer BYOB to the event, and they must purchase all booze after being admitted into the festival. Of course, this policy doesn’t prohibit bringing other devices that might be helpful to a fest-goer. Here at The Black Sheep, we compiled a list of great things that will make your #FEST experience more enjoyable.

7.) A shovel:

Depending on weather circumstances, if it’s rained in the week before #Fest, it’s probably going to get a little muddy. You may find yourself sinking in a soupy mess as you dance along to the music. Not to worry. If you bring a shovel, you’ll be able to dig yourself out right away, and leave a hole behind for some other unfortunate soul to fall into.

6.) A package of Depends:

After clawing your way to be right in front of the stage, the last thing you’d want to do is lose your spot because of your pesky bladder. Odds are you’re already standing in other people’s urine, but you’re classy enough that you keep it to yourself in a adult diapers like Depends.

5.) A bucket hat:

Need we explain? We’re pretty sure this is a requirement to even get admitted into #FEST, so don’t even try to be original and go without a bucket hat. Bonus points if it’s covered in weed leaves.

4.) A Polaroid camera:

Coachella has nothing on you! Who says that because #FEST isn’t in sunny California that you can’t still take fire pics with your polaroid that you can then take pictures of those pictures to put on your Instagram?

3.) A person’s shoulders to sit on:

Despite what you might think, this isn’t a gender specific item to bring. Whatever you identify as, just find a strong person who’s willing to carry you around at the festival so you can get the best view of the stage and rest your legs.

2.) The camcorder that your father used to record your 1st birthday with:

It might sound silly to lug this huge thing around, but if your phone dies, how will you ever be able to take videos of the amazing performances you are about to see? If you have no videos of your experience, you might as well have not been there at all. Vids or it didn’t happen.

1.) A gas mask:

There’s nothing hotter than thousands of sweaty bodies gyrating against one another to the sounds of music. And by hot we don’t mean attractive – we mean literally a thousand degrees. Within this steamy mess, there will be a lot of smells, probably not good ones, so the best way to keep from experiencing this concoction of scents is a gas mask.

Although beer will not be on your list of things to bring, we hope you’ll be able to #FEST with the best with these items.

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