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7 Guaranteed Ways to Piss Off an OU Student


Ohio University students are a proud bunch. They are proud of where they go to school and proud of what they study. All of this pride comes at a price, and it is usually comes with the short fuses that students have. Here are 7 things that will piss off Ohio University students.


7.) “Where is Ohio University?”:
Though Athens isn’t the booming metro hotspot that Columbus, Cincinnati, or Cleveland are, that doesn’t mean this place is unknown. If you’re from Ohio and don’t know where Athens is, that’s your problem.


6.) “Oh my friend/cousin/neighbor/drug dealer goes there, do you know them?”:
Ohio University has an on-campus population of around 17,000 students. Unless the person you know lives in the same dorm as the Bobcat you are asking, the chance of them knowing each other is slim.


5.) “Ohio University? Why would you want to go there?”:
There are lots of reasons that students pick Ohio University. Maybe someone wants to go to a school that has a top-rated Journalism program, or they want to get experiences from outstanding faculty that they couldn’t get at other schools. Maybe the student loves a more rural campus that is close to some gorgeous state and national parks. If you want to know why the student goes to Ohio University, ask them.


4.) “Isn’t that just a party school?”:
In the past, Ohio University has been listed as a top party school. It is also listed as a top research school and strives to be “The best student-centered learning experience in America.” Bobcats like to study hard and work hard. Yes, it is possible.


3.) “Isn’t that place just full of whiners and SJWs?”:
Students at Ohio University are aware of the events that are going both in the United States and around the world. Several of them will take to the streets show disapproval or solidarity with events that are happening. It’s better to have a campus full of students that know they are part of a bigger system than a campus of people that sit on their hands and do nothing.


2.) “Do you even have a football team?”:
Yes, Ohio University has a football team. You can catch their games between Marching 110 performances most Saturdays in September and October, and weekdays in November.


1.) “Ohio University? Don’t you mean Ohio State?”:
This question tends to come from people outside of Ohio. No, Ohio University and Ohio State are not the same thing. One is the first university in the Northwest territory that was founded in 1804 and the other is a cow-college located in Columbus.

What kinds of questions or statements have you heard about Ohio University that gets your blood boiling? Tweet at us and use the hashtag #OURage to share the things that others say about Ohio University that piss you off.


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