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10 Walk-Up Songs for your Ohio University Major

With college football starting and professional baseball reaching its peak, The Black Sheep has been listening to a lot of “Jock Jams” lately. What if majors had their own version of Jock Jams, or walk-up songs? We hand-picked some specialized jams based on popular majors at Ohio University: 

10.) Biological Sciences – Scrubs Theme song:

Biological Sciences is a popular major for students that want to go to med school. Scrubs featured the comedy antics of doctors and Zach Braff’s cute lil’ smile. We think this makes a great Jock Jam for pre-professionals by telling them to stay humble and use the buddy-comedy relationship of Turk and J.D. to solve problems.

9.) Journalism – Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen: 

For traditional journalists, a big part of the job is tracking down people to confirm information and get quotes. This means, even in 2017, calling people. The chorus of the song is the calling card of journalists: Hey I just met you, And this is crazy, But here’s my number, So call me maybe (before my deadline, that would be great, thanks).

8.) Psychology – (You Drive Me) Crazy, by Britney Spears: 

Aspiring psychologists can sing this song to themselves while their patients continue to vent about how they feel their dog doesn’t take them seriously.

7.) Media Arts & Studies – Welcome To The Jungle, by Guns n’ Roses: 

Ask almost any Media Arts & Studies major what they want to do after graduation and they’ll likely tell you they want to go to Los Angeles to work “in the industry.” Well, welcome to the jungle, media kids, because that’s what everyone else is trying to do, too. 

6.) Nursing – Run the World (Girls), by Beyonce: 

Nurses are badasses. They are the primary caregivers for people when they are in the hospital and might even get arrested for doing their job. What better song for badass students than a song by badass performer? Nurses run the world, we’re just lucky to be living in it. 

5.) Marketing – Don’t Believe The Hype, by Public Enemy: 

How would we know what to buy if it weren’t for marketing majors? They tell us all the positives about new products while ignoring the negatives, it’s extremely helpful! This song is more of a warning for others than it is a rally cry for marketing students. When it comes to products that seem too good to be true, don’t believe the hype.

4.) Finance – Bills Bills Bills, by Destiny’s Child: 

People that work in finance are the ones that send out the bills to remind us to pay for the goods and services we use. Thanks for the reminder that our cable bill is due, finance majors. Oh, and also, f*** you for letting us know that the cable bill’s due. 

3.) Communication Studies – Hello, by Adele: 

No, this is not the walk-up song for communication majors just because it is a basic introduction that is key to human communication. This is the calling card because it is the phrase that graduates must use when addressing customers shopping at the Bath and Body Works that COMS alum will be managing upon graduation.

2.) Exercise Physiology – Push It, by Salt n’ Peppa: 

The common phrase among physical therapists and athletic trainers is the phrase “PUSH IT.” These phrase is usually uttered along other phrases as “One more set,” and “Go puke and come back for another rep.”

1.) Mechanical Engineering – Shake It Off, by Taylor Swift: 

Engineering students can’t let the mistakes get to them, so they need to shake it off! Engineering is about overcoming failure, and successfully building a skyscraper, your once-new 2001 Civic, and the bottle you’re drinking your beer out of! Cheers, Tay-Tay! 


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