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The Black Sheep’s First Annual Worst of Athens Awards

Early every year the local tabloid paper The Athens News does it’s annual “Best of” survey. The winners in the survey are as boring as their editorial page. Donkey Coffee always wins Best Coffee Shop. Casa Nueva always wins best “Unique to Athens” restaurant. Alden Library wins “Best place to hook-up.” We are doing a different survey. We want you to vote on the “Worst of” Athens, Ohio.  

10.) Worst Green to live on:

  • West Green
  • South Green
  • East Green
  • North Green

9.) Worst student publication:

  • The Post
  • Backdrop Magazine
  • Thread
  • Student Org posters

8.) Worst dining hall:

  • Boyd Hall
  • Nelson
  • Shivley
  • Jeff Market

7.) Worst place to make out:

  • Cadaver Lab
  • Middle of the Court/Union streets intersection
  • Escalators in Baker
  • Southeast Ohio Regional Jail

6.) Worst building to cry in:

  • Peden Stadium
  • Cutler Hall
  • Convocation Center
  • President’s House

5.) Worst place to hide a body:

  • Schoonover Center 450
  • West 82
  • ARC
  • Alden Library

4.) Worst fast-food restaurant:

  • Avalanche Pizza
  • Casa Nueva
  • Zoe’s
  • Salaam

3.) Worst Ohio University Alum:

  • Logan Paul
  • Matt Lauer
  • Roger Ailes
  • Wes Lowery

2.) Worst year at college:

  • Freshman
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Victory Lap

1.) Worst part of a football game:

  • Pre-game
  • When the game starts
  • Halftime
  • Any time the Marching 110 performs

Please vote for the “Worst of” Athens, Ohio. You can also tweet at us and use the hashtag #WorstOfAthens.

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