5 Gourmet Recipes to Make When You Literally Only Have an Onion Left in Your Fridge

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Independence is pure bliss, but sometimes we get a little carried away and definitely can understand some hardships of living alone. It’s all fun and games until you’re one month into the semester, you’ve run out of the groceries your parents bought you, and all you have left is an onion. Here are some ideas of what to make when your fridge is this sad.

5.) French onion soup:

You’ll need one whole onion and a cup of water. First boil some water, place the onion in and then basically you just wait. Pretty soon you’ll have delicious onion water that’ll cook down in no time. For a classic French onion soup taste, you can use a piece of white bread as your little crouton. That is, if you have one.

4.) Onion rings:

You can put a personal touch on this fan favorite. Since you probably don’t have the basic ingredients lying around to actually fry these onions, simply cut the onions into rings and snack on them raw. They may not be crispy, but at least the illusion is there. If you’re really desperate for a crispy fried onion ring, well too bad.

3.) Just eat the fucking onion:

If you aren’t in the mood to have your hair smell like onions for a whole day after unleashing their hard to miss aroma, just bite into it like an apple. If you need some inspiration to eat a raw onion like a fruit, watch the Holes scene where Stanley and Zero reach the top of the mountain and eat onions.

2.) Onion sandwich:

No deli meats? No problem. Some people like extra onions on their sandwich, but others may be interested in an onion sandwich. Since you probably don’t have any bread, you’d have to get the closest thing: paper towels. It’s just like actually eating bread because of the absorbent texture. Condiments are encouraged, but we’d really recommend a breath mint if you want to talk to anyone besides your dog for the rest of the day.

1.) Juice:

If you’re not really that hungry, you can always juice your onion. Juicing vegetables is so healthy, and this drink might just be the tangy thing you’re looking for. Let’s be real though, this might be the best thing to do because drinking onion juice would be a perfect wake up call to get your ass to the grocery store.

Being independent is very important, but something more crucial is surviving. The next time you think about buying that handle, go with the fifth and for God’s sakes, FEED YOURSELF!

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