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Ole Miss Student Actually Drinks Rafters Mimosas Instead of Posting Snapchat Story About It

OXFORD– After making the decision to attend Rafters on the Square for Sunday morning mimosas, sophomore Jessica Donahue, made a bold choice. She chose to drink her mimosa rather than posting a picture of her activity on Snapchat.

“I’m not going to lie to you, it wasn’t easy,” Donahue admits. “I saw Sally, Angela, McKenzie, Carly, Samantha, Leslie, and Lauren do it so I did feel kind of left out initially. But, something spoke to me, and in that moment, I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do. I’m not very religious, but I really do believe it could’ve been God.”

There were times where it became even more difficult for Donahue to not capture the morning via Snapchat. Frat star, Matt Sperryington fell off his stool three times before 10 a.m, shattering a new glass each time. A very tall blonde in the back corner was raising havoc because her chicken and waffles took two hours and tasted subpar. 

“There were a lot of exciting things happening for sure,” Donahue said. “For once I just wanted to really live. I’m usually way too hungover to make it in time anyway, so I want to value every second of my morning here.”

Witnesses report that they were in awe at her strength and willpower. They hoped that they could one day be in such spiritual peace. Other witnesses report her phone was just dead.

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